THANKS to some scheduling issues between Marc and Henry, we have had to do things a little differently this week...

Marc guides you through some of the key talking points from the weekend's disappointing result against Wigan Athletic - but then we pretend it never happened, and wallow in a nice bit of 90s nostalgia.

For the first time, we're allowing non-subscribers a glimpse at our special Stop Press podcast, which charts the club's incredible rise through the 1990s.

Episode Three sees Paul Holliday and John Hartley join Marc for a deep dive into May 8, 1993 - and a game watched by more than 20,000 people at Burnden Park.

Bruce Rioch's Bolton had to beat Preston North End to get promotion. They won a penalty with 16 minutes to go. And guess who stepped up to take it...

The first two episodes of Stop Press BWFC in the 90s are available only to subscribers to The Bolton News and will soon be joined by new episodes concentrating on other key moments of a glorious decade.

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