Winter Hill Runners trio, Toney Donnelly, Albert Sunter and Abigail Sunter competed in one of the toughest Lakeland Ultra’s - the 7 Valley’s.

Exploring a huge area of the national park and offering an extreme challenge, it is only for the most seasoned ultra-athlete and is up there with some of the toughest Ultra’s in the UK.

The 7 Valleys is for those who are more experienced runners and want to test themselves in some of the most beautiful terrain imaginable with more than 3,800m of ascent.

The 110km distance requires not only increased fitness, but also navigation skills, as a large proportion of the race is self-navigated.

It was a beautiful morning as the runners set of at 6am, however that was to be short-lived as the clag and rain rolled in during the late morning.

The poor forecast meant the bad-weather route was implemented, meaning competitors did not ascend High Street - but this did not detract from the challenging event.

Abigail Sunter was first to cross the line for Winter Hill Runners in a fantastic 22hrs 14mins 42secs, with Albert Sunter next in 22:15:27 followed closely by Donnelly in 22:15:28.