WANDERERS (3-4-1-2).


Had to dock a mark for the late rush of blood – seemingly unprompted by an order from the bench – but Bolton would have been buried long before had it not been for their keeper.


Showed a willingness to get forward, even if there was a limit to what he could get done. Not the only one to look a little jaded on the day.


Struggled a bit under Garner’s physical presence and got done by a questionable handball. Looked a bit frustrated in possession at the lack of options in front of him.


Saw a lot of the ball and played a few decent balls in behind Carlisle’s defence early on. It all dried up, though, and he failed to make many inroads in the second half.


Got the better of his markers a couple of times, not least for the own goal, but the visitors general kept compact and limited the sort of runs he loves to make.


Busy but wasn’t able to do his best work anywhere that was going to damage the Cumbrians. Been on a good run of form, didn’t hit the same heights.


Chased the ball, put in his obligatory challenges, but didn’t have the incision or impact he would have liked. Swapped out for Morley – who also struggled.


Looked Bolton’s best bet for the first 25 minutes as he found space that nobody else could. That promised dried up pretty quickly.


Wanderers really need to give him some time to reset. Played with a back injury and the captaincy, and his form has unfortunately suffered.


Some decent touches early on, where the link-up with Adeboyejo looked promising. Looked frustrated after that and missed a decent chance just after half time.


Hold up play was OK, good to see him back, but he didn’t muster a shot on goal, which was disappointing considering he got into some reasonable positions.

Subs: Morley 4.5, 54 (for Thomason) – Crying out for one of his blockbusters. Didn’t arrive.

Ashworth 4.5, 62 (for Williams) – Didn’t really make an impact.

Nlundulu 4.5, 73 (for Dempsey) – Couldn’t make a dent.

Bodvarsson 73 (for Adeboyejo) – Two decent chances. Looked rusty.

Tactics - 4/10 Carlisle were only ever going to set up one way. Ian Evatt potentially went to the well once too often with a couple of players and the gameplan that edged past Stevenage never really looked suited for this one.

Not used: Coleman, Jerome, Matheson.

Carlisle (5-3-2): Holy; Back, Lavelle, Mellish, Armer; McCalmont, Guy, Moxon; Maguire, Garner, Gibson.

Subs: Ablade 67 (for Maguire), Harris 88 (for Moxon), Plange 88 (for Garner).

Not used: Andresson, Edmondson, Whelan, Robinson.

Referee: Sebastien Stocksbridge N/A – We prefer to say nothing.

Attendance: 23,187.