PUT on your tin hat and join privates Iles and Clark in the Bolton Wanderers bunker for this week’s edition of The Buff Podcast.

Emotions are high after a disappointing display against Carlisle United, so against our better judgement we trawl back through the headlines this week to find out what went wrong.

With Henry Hewitt still on unpaid paternity leave, Wanderers TV commentator extraordinaire Derek Clark steps into the firing line to go through the big talking points of the week.

  • Can Wanderers really blame tiredness for their poor show last Saturday?
  • Have we underestimated the effect of Ricardo Santos’s absence?
  • Why do some motorway signs still direct you to the Macron Stadium?
  • What plans have the club got for matchday streaming?
  • And what exclusive news are we breaking on The Buff this week?

If you would like to know the answers to any of the above questions, then make a brew, sit back in your comfy chair and listen to the Bolton Wanderers podcast that’s first, not last.

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