Lostock Athletics Club members enjoyed the club’s own Chairman’s Road Race this week.

The annual event sees members race either two or four miles with both routes starting at Horwich Leisure Centre - runners completing the shorter route run to the Jolly Crofters and back, while the longer route is to the Bob Smithy Inn covering and elevation gain of 425 feet.

The first Lostocker to complete the two-mile run was Rachel Hancock in an amazing 17mins 42secs, followed by Greg Kilshaw, in 18:46, and Clive Worthington, in 21:55.

Other results: Gillian Caldwell 26:57, Christine Smith 26:57, Colin Holcroft 28:13.

The winner of the four-mile race was Paul Edwards in an impressive 29:08, followed by Gaz Foulkes, in 31:08, Dave Parry, in 32;19, and Gareth Pratt (32:57).

The first female was Josie Greenhalgh, in 33:07, who was followed by Mark Shuttleworth (34:01), Johanna McManus (34:22), Paul Lacey (34:24), Andy Laycock (34:48), Mike Berry (36:08), Heather Soden (36:36), Ian Burns (39:20) and Rachel Stevens (39:33).

Gareth Pratt also took part in the Langdale Marathon - billed as the UK’s toughest road marathon with more than 3,400 feet of climbing and with a ‘did-not-finish’ rate of 15 per cent.

This event is a two-lap course starting and finishing at the New Dungeon Ghyll Pub.

The first mile is flat along the bottom of the stunning Langdale valley, providing a nice warm-up for the challenge to come.

In mile two, runners start the toughest climb on the course - a brutal 400 feet in half a mile. Runners are rewarded with breathtaking views of the valley and fells and followed by an equally steep downhill.

The remainder of the race was a roller coaster with many ups and downs.

Pratt had an epic run, finishing in 4:24:36, coming 61st out of a field of 141.

Six Lostockers took part in the 20-mile village link challenge organised by the Sunnywood Project.

The route was actually 22 miles with an elevation gain of 2,600 feet. Participants started at Burrs Country Park, travelling to Ramsbottom, Peel Tower, Redisher Wood, Tottington and back to the beginning.

Sally McCoy, Janet Rhodes and Beverly Atherton McKenna ran the challenging event and Rachel Hancock, Ste Hancock and Kathryn Orrell hiked the course.

Rachel Stevens travelled to North Wales to take part in the Abergele 5k and 10k.

Both races started on Pantri Beach, with competitors running along the coastal path taking in the beautiful views of the Irish Sea and wind farms.

The routes were both out-and-back ones, with the 10k heading out to Llanddulas.

Stevens completed the 5k in 27:39 and, following a short break, finished the 10k in 1:00:00.

In parkrun, six members travelled to Haigh Woodland Parkrun with Andy Laycock first to cross the finish line in 24:46, followed by Johanna McManus (26:01), Ian Burns (28:31), Sinead Carney (29:19), Matthew Carney (29:42) and Karen Taylor (32:18). Mark Checkley completed Pennington Flash Parkrun in 30:47.