Lostock Athletics Club’s Mark Shuttleworth and Mark Checkley performed well at the Shepherds Skyline fell race in Todmorden on Saturday.

The event is a 10k race with an epic elevation gain of 1,300 feet.

Shuttleworth is a veteran of the race having completed it approximately 10 times previously.

The race starts on an uphill on a very congested narrow track with runners being required to run in single file in some sections.

The track is deeply rutted and uneven, even for a fell race, however once that first uphill mile is out of the way at the top of the climb, the track opens up and runners can run at their own pace - and even overtake other runners.

It undulates slightly all the way to Stoodley Pike, where competitors turn left and launch downhill - the highlight of the race.

With good footwear on, competitors can pick up the pace and at the bottom of the descent, the course turns left along a path where runners recover ready for the next climb back up to the top and pick up the outward narrow rutted path down to the finish.

The last descent is tricky with numerous hazards, including rocks or the slippy, muddy, boggy path.

This is Shuttleworth’s favourite descent - as an experienced fell runner, he can quickly pass less confident runners as they tip-toe very carefully downwards.

Both Lostockers had an amazing race, finishing covered in mud and soaked due to the November weather.

Shuttleworth finished in 1hr 12mins 34secs, followed by Checkley in 1:33:18.

Elsewhere, Lostock AC members Rachel Hancock, Janet Rhodes and Beverly Atherton-McKenna took part in the Sunny Wood Projects second Stranger Trails Halloween run.

As they ran around the Jumbled and Turton Golf course, they enjoyed learning about the Timberbottom skulls.