THE presence of TV cameras should be no problem for Wanderers as they get down to business at Portsmouth on Monday night.

Followed by a video crew between January and May last season for the upcoming Born to be a Wanderer episodes, the first of which airs on Sunday evening, Ian Evatt and his players have grown rather accustomed to being the stars of their own show.

For the Bolton boss, watching the in-house documentary gave him a rare chance to reflect on the progress the club has made during his time in charge.

“It is strange – but it is also good to get some perspective and see what has already been achieved,” he said. “I am very much a person who is looking to the next achievement, the next record, the next piece of progression. And sometimes I lose sight of what we have already done.

“Seeing stuff like that gives me a chance to really sit back, take a minute, and remind myself that we have done okay so far.

“I think there are lots of things to come but sometimes it is important you look back and recognise what has been achieved.”

Wanderers are looking to film again in the New Year with the hope they can coincide the next two episodes with a promotion to the Championship.

“I have been fortunate enough to see them and at the end of number four it says ‘the journey continues,’ and it does,” Evatt said.

“We are still on it. There are still things we want to improve on and achieve. We all know where this football club belongs and until it gets there I will continue to have sleepless nights, keep pushing and striving to get it there. I have said all along, even when we were 19th in League Two, and nothing has changed.

“People will remember that first interview in the first episode of Born to be a Wanderer and I predicted that things would improve for us.

“I promised we’d create a connection and have some huge successes and I’d like to think I kept my word on that. But I have also said that I want to get back to the level we belong – and that is my complete focus now. All the hard work we put in is to make this happen.”

The fourth episode, which screens on December 17, centres around the Papa Johns Trophy final at Wembley. The win against Plymouth, which offered the club their first domestic cup silverware since 1989, has whet Evatt’s appetite to do it all over again in April.

“Looking back at it, such an amazing day. I was so pleased for everyone and I was so pleased we were able to deliver that for the fans,” he said.

“This is why we are taking the competition so seriously again this season, it meant an awful lot to people to see Bolton on that stage.

“We want to be the first team to keep hold of that trophy. People can say what they want, belittle it all they want, but if you look at the north draw in particular, there are some big teams still in it.

“We want to replicate it and give another special day to the fans, who have been so supportive to me since day one.”