WHAT a year 2023 proved to be at Bolton Wanderers!

We had a Wembley win, play-off heart-break, controversial player sales, surprise transfer successes, mistaken identities, hilarious sponsor names and a LOT of goals. And The Buff has been there to chart every single moment.

We have broken our year in review down into two pieces - the first deals with January to May, taking in all of last season's highs and lows, from the Papa Johns Trophy final to the sad end at Oakwell, and every in between.


Part two picks up after the play-off semi-final against Barnsley and bring you the Alrights and the Barry Knights from June onwards.

From James Trafford popping up at Curzon Ashton and getting writer’s cramp right up to the trials and tribulations of December, we bring a precis of all the headlines in The Bolton News over the last six months.

We look ahead to 2024 and what it might hold for Wanderers. And Marc sheds some light on what Christmas is like when your job involves following a football club around.

We’d like to wish all the listeners of The Buff a very happy new year watching Wanderers. We’ll be back every Friday in 2024 – and have exciting plans for a second podcast, timed earlier in the week, looking at the game just gone and delving into the tactical side of life with the Whites.

Editor's note: Wanderers had just lost against Portsmouth and Bristol Rovers, so forgive us (Marc) for feeling slightly more melancholic than usual.

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