Peterborough chairman Darragh MacAnthony says Wanderers’ progress over the past few years should give Reading fans hope.

The Royals have already faced points deductions and owner Dai Yongge was hit with a further fine by the EFL earlier this week for failing to fund a deposit account to cover the salaries of players and staff.

MacAnthony highlighted Bolton’s issues in recent years as proof that clubs can his “rock bottom” and bounce back.

He said on The Hard Truth Podcast: “Take Bolton as an example, Reading fans, even in your darkest day.

"Bolton are one of the best teams - if not the best team - in League One and they were basically at rock bottom a few years ago.

“They went down to League Two and had lots of deductions, issues, problems and they have rebuilt.

“Now their fans are probably some of the happiest fans in the league. They are winning promotions, vying for titles and cups, they have owners they love, the fans are back.

“Ask a Bolton fan – four of five years ago when all that was going on and all the problems, issues and relegations – did they believe this would happen within five years?

“The light at the end of the tunnel for Reading is - when you are a big club and have that history, facilities, a good stadium, training ground and all of that like Bolton – you will come back from it.”

Reading’s match against Port Vale was called off last weekend after fans invaded the pitch in protest against Yongge.

The Royals said in an official statement on Wednesday: “The owners of Reading FC appreciate and understand the concerns of its loyal fans and partners in the community.

“They know how much the club means to all concerned and share their desire for the club to have a sustainable and successful future on the field.

“They however regret the actions taken at the Port Vale match and would implore fans to engage in no further disruptions to either home or away fixtures.

“Mr Dai has agreed that he will look to sell the club at the earliest opportunity, and he has engaged lawyers to assist in the disposal.”

It added: “The EFL are fully engaged in the process, and they are being kept informed on a regular basis and are committed to supporting the club in finding the appropriate solutions as quickly as possible.”