Peterborough United owner Darragh MacAnthony has weighed in on Wanderers’ deal with Ludonautics.

It was confirmed by Companies House a couple of weeks ago that Bolton owners Football Ventures had secured a share deal with the Essex-based firm to bring on board their expertise.

It is hoped that the move could open new doors in the transfer market, at home and abroad, and supplement the club’s existing good work in recruitment.

Speaking on his Hard Truth Podcast, MacAnthony said: “I think the owner of Bolton, Sharon (Brittan), deserves the benefit of the doubt in any decision that people might not agree with because she has pretty much got all of her decisions right.

“It is not what I think, I guess it is what your manager thinks. If you recruit in a certain way and it is based around this – and they have had a solid manager for a good few years now – I guess it is explaining to them, ‘We are doing a new thing’.

“It is how open managers are to new things. I am sure he is open to it and I am sure it has gone fine. Bolton are a big club, I have said this already. (Michael Edwards) is no mug, he did very well at Liverpool and has turned them down so he obviously believes in it.

“It is not something I would do because obviously recruitment is a big part of what I do with Baz (Barry Fry) and everyone in the building. But I think you have to be open minded to all of these approaches now. We live in a world where we can easily dismiss things.

“The whole share thing, that is good value. You haven’t got to pay silly fees and you are giving someone a small bit of equity. That is brilliant because if it works, it is a win-win for everybody.

“Again, who might question the Bolton owner? She has done a magnificent job since day one, going in and saving the club.”

MacAnthony took over Peterborough in 2006, becoming the youngest owner of a professional English club at 30.

“I love the EFL and I want good owners,” he added. “I don’t want any more Readings, I want more success stories. I want more Boltons!

“You can never be jealous of people’s success because you want our league to thrive, you want everyone to do really well.”