Ricardo Santos and Randell Williams are both back on the grass but Wanderers are having to be cautious with Nathan Baxter.

Skipper Santos has missed the past few games with a calf issue, while Williams has been sidelined by a hamstring problem.

“Rico is probably more positive,” said Ian Evatt. “He has been back out on the grass today (Monday).

“For us, it is making sure that we guard ourselves against re-injury. We have to be mindful and cautious of the bigger picture and not try to push the button too soon.

“I think this week will be too soon and we are more hopeful of next week, but we will see how he gets on. He has been great today on the grass.

“Randell Williams is back on the grass again, stepping up his rehabilitation. He is probably a couple of weeks away as well.”

Baxter had been keen to play through the pain after picking up an injury against Barnsley, but his wrist hasn’t settled as expected and Joel Coleman started was named in the starting line-up at Northampton.

“Nathan, I will always be honest and last week was a strange week,” Evatt continued. “The injury that he got is more of a boxer’s injury, which is an injury to his wrist.

“It is a torn ligament in his wrist and Nathan wanted to play on, that is the first thing I have to say. He wanted to brave it, strap up and go again.

“The pain and swelling didn’t reduce like we thought it would and we have had a bit of a re-think. We are going to give it some time to settle and try to heal that ligament.

“We want him to be fit and healthy, that is the most important thing. We need to be confident that he is fit enough to be Nathan Baxter and do the job, and that is also important here.

“We trust Joel, he was fine on Saturday and there were no issues there.”

The games continue to come thick and fast as Bolton prepare to welcome Wycombe to the Toughsheet Community Stadium.

“We have been through the mill a bit - the last few weeks, in particular,” the manager explained. “We have had an abandoned game, we have had injuries, suspensions but it is still very much in our own hands.

“Even though we have drawn the last couple of games, we are still finding a way to get results when some people around us are having those same difficulties.

“We have lost our keeper, we have lost our captain and we are still finding a way and the right solutions.

“The second half was very impressive (on Saturday). The first half wasn’t good but it is a reminder for us that we can’t dip below our usual levels and standards.

“When we do, we concede poor goals and end up behind in games. When we di play well, even with 10 men, it shows how dominant we can be as a team.

“For us, it is all about focusing on our own jobs, roles and responsibilities and trying to get the points we need to achieve our goals.”