Young gymnast Ben Howarth triumphed in the Year 8 vaulting final at Bolton School Boys’ Division.

Since September, the whole year group has been competing in heats for this long-standing competition, whittling down the numbers until there were just six gymnasts remaining.

Daniel Bleakley (8D), Adam Ciechowski (8D), Ben Howarth (8B), Teddy McCarter (8B), Brody Shum (8F) and Mateo Sprott (8D) were this year’s finalists.

Each gymnast performed four vaults in total: Through Vault, Long Fly, their choice of Rotational Vault and finally the Double Box Vault.

Mr Johnson gave each of the boys a score for their efforts, which were added up at the end to decide the overall winner.

The competition was extremely tight, with the boys in first and second place achieving the exact same score.

The overall winner was therefore decided based on their performance in the last vault, as the Double Box Vault is the most complex.

First place was awarded to Ben, with Daniel in second and third spot going to Adam.

Medals and certificates were presented by Head of Boys’ Division, Mr Nic Ford, who congratulated all six gymnasts for their efforts in the vaulting final.

He reminded everyone gymnastics takes both skill and courage, and added all six finalists can be proud of their performance and how they handled the pressure on the morning.

Earlier in the week, the school’s Year 7 gymnastics final took place with six boys performing floor routines for an audience of their peers - Tommy Burke finishing as winner.

Competing for one of the oldest cups at Bolton School, all six finalists were commended for their routines - a nerve-wracking experience in front of the whole year group.

Third place went to Abdulmabeen Ogunnusi and second to Sasha Milne.

Head of PE, Mr Johnson, who judged the competition, said: “Given the pressure of performing in front of a live audience, there has been some fine eight-piece sequences, showcasing a wide range of skills including rolls, handstands, back supports, headstands, bridges and beyond.”

The boys perfected their routines involving travelling movements and balances during curriculum PE lessons.

They won through to the final having competed in earlier rounds when all boys in the year group had performed six sequence routines.