Halliwell’s Elite Community Hub CIC has launched a new 12-week programme aimed at boosting life skills among the town’s youngsters through boxing.

The Elite Standing Together Programme prioritises the development of essential life skills and over the course, participants are engaging in a variety of activities aimed at fostering personal growth and resilience through boxing.

The programme kicked off with a classroom kitchen experience for the first four weeks, providing a dynamic platform for learning and skill-building. As well as this, youths were taught boxing fundamentals, including strength and conditioning.

Pheniks Division introduced participants to key concepts such as nutrition, emotional control, theory, and crucial life skills. Through a holistic approach, participants are equipped with the necessary tools to navigate challenges and cultivate a strong foundation for success.

As the programme progresses, youngsters will be guided through hands-on experiences that not only enhance their boxing skills, but also instil valuable life lessons.

Participants walk also away with a first-aid qualification, equipping them with essential life-saving skills. Additionally, eligible participants between the ages of 16-18 have the opportunity to attain a potential boxing qualification, recognising their dedication and commitment to the sport.

Nick, one of the dedicated youth workers, says there has already been a positive impact. He commented: “Over the past seven weeks we have had several young people engaging on an educational programme at Elite Community Hub.

“This programme has been attended by the hardest to reach young people from all over Bolton who are currently open to services such as Bolton youth justice, targeted early help, Salford foundation and other mentoring schemes. The YPs are mainly 16-18 and are currently not in education or training of any kind.

“This was a group of young people targeted specifically as there is very few provisions for them in Bolton.

“The programme has been a massive success with the YPs’ progression in all areas tracked. All have gained first aid qualifications, have learned to cook healthy dishes due to the sessions with classroom kitchen which they have also been making at home for their families, their fitness levels have improved massively and they have gained vital knowledge from the mentoring provided by Pheniks Division.

“We have a couple of the YPS wanting to now box for the amateur team at Elite. Scott, Gaz and the other coaches have built a great relationship with the YPs using a trauma informed approach which has helped the YPs feel really comfortable in the gym.”

Programme organisers are now looking for local businesses interested in supporting the cause and making a difference. For details contact elitecommunityhub@gmail.com.