With a mix of closed roads, live entertainment and fancy bling, the Wigan Running Festival is a popular choice for Burnden Road Runners and this year was no exception as a group of eight made the short trip.

While a large contingent from the club headed for the Lakes, those eight were Wigan-bound to compete in the half-marathon.

Coach and chair, Andy Dunleavy, clinched the first Vet 65 crown despite a tumble on top of Haigh, crossing the line to win the accolade ahead of eight other vets in 1hr 38mins 25secs.

First Burndener home with a half-marathon personal-best time was Michael Kermode, in 1:31:02, followed by Ravi Patel, in 1:36:07.

Martin Whitehead secured a PB of more than three-and-a-half minutes with 1:37:07, while first Burnden lady home was Carol Richardson, in 2:21:13.

Other results: Josh Palmer 1:56:27, Sarah Brown 2:49:41, Cheryl Dunleavy 2:49:42.

Tony Fulop flew the flag for Burnden at the seven-mile Garstang Gallop last weekend and collected a PB of more than three minutes.

The race is a deceptively tough but Fulop crossed in 1:19:53, knocking minutes off his 2022 time of 1:23:02.

Rolling solo this year at the Roddlesworth Roller was Steven Bate.

The 9km trail race is organised by Mad Bull events and is a friendly charity run for all abilities taking in paths and roads around lakes and through woods.

Bate finished in an impressive 57:25.

Last weekend was a little different for an excited group Burndeners at the now annual Burnden Lakes Break.

People arrived in pockets across Friday and checked into Denton Hostel in the picturesque Keswick town centre.

Ged Turner, with the help of Gillian McGowan, Jennifer Entwistle and Kath and Andrew Berry, had planned a superb weekend of running and the evenings were spent playing a variety of games which brought the club together.

Friday afternoon began with a 10K run up to the Stone Circle and back through Spring Woods, while Saturday morning was a takeover at Keswick Parkrun, where Burnden received a wonderful welcome from the organisers and marshals.

Tom Stratton was first Burndener home in 19:08 - claiming fifth overall position out of 267 runners, while first Burnden lady was Vicki Hamer, in 24:01.

Saturday afternoon gathered a group of Burndeners to beautiful Buttermere village where there was a planned walk and run around the perimeter of the stunning lake, while Sunday saw a friendly walk up Latrigg Terrace before members said their farewells.

Keswick Parkrun results: Gareth Doherty 19:44 (ninth), Steve Nolan 20:15, Mark Cannon 20:41, Andrew Crawford 21:15, Michael Caine 22:23, David Smith 23:19, Neil Counsell 23:20, Gareth Lowe 23:52, Linda Doherty 25:52, Katherine Baines 26:02, Ged Turner 26:45, Jenni Partington 27:04, Todd Cameron 27:12, Bernie Jones 27:37, Emma Walker 28:25, Teresa Riley 28:50, Sandra Caine 29:11, Nicola Halsall 29:12, Gillian Morris 29:25, Kathryn Berry 29:27, Nia Bell 29:50, Kathryn Baron 29:51, Jennifer Entwistle 30:04, Jennifer Forkin 33:14, Shirley Robinson 33:16, Gillian McGowan 37:05, Ian Mann 38:41, Diane Smith.

Other parkrun results: Bolton - John Simms 23:17, Stephen Horsman 23:29, Martin Archer 25:21, Rick Winnard 27:10, Nick Haworth 28:00, Ravi Patel 28:02, Philip Glassbrook 32:10, Maggie Slamin 32:44, David Allen 34:55, Sarah Jane Wells 38:27, Jordan Hulme 39:07, Sarah Brown 39:46, Andrew Parkinson 44:19; Worsley Woods - Mark Jackson 30:47; Heaton Park - Gayle Gerrard 25:50; St Helens - Richard Blake 26:10; Brierley Forest - Simon Marland 24:38, Sue Marland 34:36; Pennington Flash - Steven Snape 32:53, Jocelyn Chadderton 34:05, Joyce Tyldesley 36:57; Widnes - Adrian Ashburn 23:59; Queen’s, Glasgow - Colm O’Brien 25:24, Jane Forrest 28:58; Yarborough Leisure Centre - Steven Walsh 23:09; Clarence - George Ogden 44:24.