Wanderers have been fined £2,500 by the Football Association for their part in a post-match confrontation at Wigan Athletic.

The club admitted their part in the fracas, which saw players and staff from both clubs clash in front of the away end at the DW Stadium.

Ian Evatt condemned Wigan’s Martial Godo for his part in the incident, accusing him of provoking a reaction.

“We just won’t accept one of their players celebrating in front of our fans,” he said after the final whistle.

“It’s not acceptable — go and celebrate with your own fans, no problem with that, don’t celebrate in front of ours.

“You certainly shouldn’t be celebrating when you are mid-table, that’s what I think.”

Both clubs were charged with the offence of “failing to ensure that its players did not behave in a manner which was improper and/or provocative.”

Wigan’s previous disciplinary history meant they were handed a heavier fine of £9,000.

Referee John Busby’s report to the committee read: “After the final whistle, on the field of the play there was a mass confrontation between players and staff of both clubs.

“This occurred near the penalty area at the opposite end of the field of play (in front of away fans behind the goal on the left as you leave the tunnel) to which we as match officials were originally located before the whistle was blown.

“Once we assisted with defusing the situation, there were no on-field sanctions issued in relation to the situation. We did not witness the root cause of the mass confrontation.”

Sarah Guifoyle, head of football administration at Wigan Athletic, and manager, Shaun Maloney, had also sent letters to the FA in mitigation.

The disciplinary report read: “In her letter dated March 6, 2024, as well as commenting on provocation and physical confrontation, SG (Guilfoyle) also referred in mitigation to media comments from the Bolton manager, to the fact that the Wigan players were celebrating in front of their own fans, and to the fact that the Match was a local derby, with heightened tension.

“She stressed the power imbalance between the Wigan number 17 (young and inexperienced) and the Bolton manager. She highlighted the behaviour of the Wigan captain and vice-captain, who she said were attempting to disperse the confrontation and remove players and staff.

“She invited the Commission to take the standard penalty as its starting point and to take account of the mitigating factors that she had mentioned, while conceding that Wigan’s previous record would be an aggravating factor.”