After eventful adventures last year, it was a more sedate experience for three of Burndeners as they took on the half-marathon distance at the Wilmslow Festival of Running.

A mixed terrain of hills and flats were no challenge and all three finished in great times.

Josh Palmer was first home in 1hr 53mins 32secs, Bernie Jones was next in 2:05:55 and Gillian McGowan completed the round-up in 2:58:02.

The Salford 10K replaced Wilmslow this year as the March Club Championship race and Burnden Road Runners took over the field.

The top three runners were led home by Mark Whittington in 37mins 15secs. Next up was men’s captain, Gareth Doherty, in 40:39, and third home but first in his age category was coach and chair, Andy Dunleavy, as first MV65 in 40:53.

First lady was Sarah Watton, in 42:26, followed by Lyndsay Darbyshire (third FV55), in 45:28, and Francesca Caine (47:53).

Burndeners at the top for their age categories were Anne Ferguson (first FV65 in 49:05), Shirley Staveley (second FV60 in 48:10) and Marcus Hamer (third MV65 in 45:40).

Other results: Michael Kermode 41:01, Stephen Thorpe 41:02, Ravi Patel 41:18, Ian Pudge 42:02, Lee White 43:09, Stephen Horsman 43:27, Andrew Crawford 45:03, Jonathan Sangster 45:12, Mike Caine 45:12, Adrian Ashburn 46:25, David Smith 46:32, Martin Archer 46:59, Martin Cullen 47:51, Colm O’Brien 48:59, Vicki Hamer 49:44, Paul Christie 49:54, Linda Doherty 51:18, Mark Butler 52:21, Andy Warburton 53:09, Gayle Gerrard 53:14, Richard Blake 53:29, Rick Winnard 53:35, Jackie Oakes 54:25, Julia Hall 55:11, Emma Walker 55:30, Bernie Jones 55:40, Kathryn Berry 57:16, Carolyn Edwards 57:55, Michelle Carter 58:02, Sandra Caine 59:23, Philip Glassbrook 59:43, Chelsea Entwistle 1:00:37, Sarah Brown 1:00:48, Nia Bell 1:01:20, Natasha Clarke 1:02:12, Gillian Morris 1:06:25, Anthony Fulop 1:08:13, Gillian McGowan 1:15:50.

Multiple calves and quads were under pressure last weekend at the infamous Rivington Pike Fell Race on Saturday. Short but hellish, it attracted a hardy group of Burnden runners attempting to conquer the lung-busting hills.

Paul Duke was first victorious in a super 24:00, while Anne Ferguson was next to the bottom, in 28:50, followed by Shirley Staveley (29:33). Dean Covill was home in 30:02 and Colm O’Brien in 32:18, while Jane Forrest crossed the line in 32:37 and Kathryn Baron found the finish in 33:50, followed by Maggie Slamin (36:10).

Slamin said: “A fabulous race today! Great atmosphere and glorious sunshine. Great support from the crowd lining the Rivington Pike race route. A tough route as always.”

Duke added: “Fantastic race, great weather, close to 500 runners, support amazing.”

Burnden’s Ian Mann, was in fine form as he sailed over to the Isle of Man to compete in their running festival for the fifth time.

Good Friday sees the start of the festival with a 10k road race and Mann completed it in 1:17:37. On the Sunday, the action moves to the capital of Douglas with a 5K out-and-back along Douglas promenade. Mann was home in 42:01 and he also completed Nobles Parkrun in 44:15 - a five-minute personal best.

Paul Willan and Alex Durkin both finished the incredible feat of running from Manchester to Liverpool in a race organised by GB Ultras.

In its ninth year, the M2L Ultra is a unique 50-mile event, well supported, and following the Trans-Pennine Trail, the Manchester Ship Canal and the River Mersey from Manchester to Liverpool. Runners start at Media City Piazza located on the Manchester Ship Canal waterfront in the heart of the city.

The pair completed the challenge side by side, finishing in an impressive 10:06:13.

Running in aid of Guts Charity UK, Willan said: “That was the hardest event I’ve ever done. I’m broken!

“But what a fantastic event - made even better running with Alex Durkin. The sun was out, and it was dry for the majority of the race. It only started raining with eight miles to go.

“The wheels came off a little at mile 33, but we both battled through and got it done. Head down, one foot in front of the other. When your legs don’t work that well, run with your heart.

“Oh, and I’ve got no skin left on the bottom of my little toe!”

Just a week before, Willan and friends, including Burnden’s Emma Walker, were out on the Sunnywood Project’s 20-mile run.

He added: “The Sunnywood Project’s 20-Mile Village Link was the slowest 20-miler I’ve ever done due to the mud baths and hills and narrow trails, but that doesn’t matter.

“It was about spending time with great people and having a laugh and I loved it.

“The staff and guides were brilliant from start to finish. It started off with rain, hail and strong winds. The jacket was on then off then on again! It was an experience. The views from Peel Tower were amazing.”

Tony Fulop was in soap land amid the sheep this week as he flew the flag for Burnden at the Guiseley Gallop 10K Trail Race. The race route takes runners past Emmerdale’s original Woolpack, in Esholt, and is a two-lap course which Fulop finished in 1:19:46.

Watergrove Parkrun, in Rochdale, was included as part of the Off-Road Championship before Easter by captains Paul Duke and Tony Fulop.

Mentions go to Sarah Watton, who was first lady home and Mark Whittington, who finished in second overall position.

Results: Mark Whittington 20:36 (second position), Paul Duke 21:17 (fourth), Gareth Doherty 21:36 (sixth), Lyall Mew 22:10 (eight), Steve Nolan 22:18 (ninth), Ravi Patel 22:35 (10th), Jonathan Sangster 22:51, Michael Kermode 22:58, Ian Pudge 23:11, Ed Ashton 23:46, Mark Cannon 24:00, Sarah Watton 24:15, Stephen Horsman 24:17, Andy Dunleavy 24:58, Martin Archer 25:09, David Smith 26:01, Lyndsay Darbyshire 26:13, Neil Counsell 26:40, Keith Thomas 26:50, Mark Butler 27:03, Vicki Hamer 27:11, Tim Taylor 27:35, Anne Ferguson 27:50, Melissa Husbands 28:35, Kathryn Baron 28:45, Lawrence McDonald 29:14, Gareth Lowe 30:03, Jenni Partington 31:24, Jocelyn Chadderton 32:01, Gillian Morris 33:34, Kathryn Berry 33:35, Nia Bell 33:35, Philip Glassbrook 33:48, Luke Newell 34:06, Anthony Fulop 38:53, Cheryl Dunleavy 44:00, Gillian McGowan 49:24, Ian Mann 1:00:38.

Results elsewhere: March 23 - Lister Park, Bradford - Paul Johnson 35:22; Lincoln - Steven Walsh 25:38; Bolton - John Simms 25:01, Richard Blake 28:17, David Allen 35:19, Sarah Jane Wells 38:21, Andrew Parkinson 42:17; Hilly Fields - Colm O’Brien 24:19, Jane Forrest 27:29; Keswick - Andrew Norman 21:38; Jersey - Simon Marland 24:55, Sue Marland 33:24; Doddington Hall - Chris Greenall 25:33; Zuiderpark, Den Haag - Tom Stratton 19:18, Katherine Baines 23:03; Peel - Mark Jackson 21:47, Adrian Ashburn 22:40; Worden - Carol Richardson 33:40, Sarah Brown 41:48, Michelle Livesey 41:49; March 30 - Heaton Park - Chris Greenall 26:24, Gayle Gerrard – 26:40; Warrington - Richard Blake 26:44; Nobles - Ian Mann 44:15; Pennington Flash - Steven Snape 32:16, Joyce Tyldesley 38:10; Bolton - Tom Stratton 21:19 (fifth), Michael Kermode 23:22, Simon Entwistle 25:40, David Smith 25:43, Ravi Patel 25:44, Martin Archer 25:45, Ian Pudge 27:15, Katherine Baines 27:20, Marcus Chester 27:35, Bernie Jones 28:49, Paul Johnson 29:21, Philip Glassbrook 31:59, Nia Bell 32:11, John Simms 34:16, Jennifer Entwistle 35:43, David Allen 36:30, Sarah Jane Wells 36:46, Andrew Parkinson 41:44, Kathryn Baron 1:11:34; Lanhydrock - Simon Marland 26:47, Sue Marland 38:50; Conwy - Luke Newell 30:55; Clitheroe Castle - Andy Dunleavy 23:47, Cheryl Dunleavy 39:14; Conyngham Hall - Steven Walsh 27:33.