A big group of Burnden Road Runners took part in a thrilling race to Lancaster Castle.

The stunning fortress was the feature of this week’s Club Championship 10K and it was a turnout of 47 who gathered on the start line for the club.

First home was Mark Whittington, in 38mins 7secs, followed by Andy Dunleavy, in 42:38, and Steve Nolan (43:21).

First lady over the line was Lyndsay Darbyshire, in 46:07, followed by Francesca Caine (47:08) and Shirley Staveley (48:16).

Other results: Martin Fielding 43:43, Stephen Horsman 44:07, Ian Pudge 44:35, Michael Kermode 45:09, Michael Caine 45:58, Paul Willan 46:40, Martin Archer 46:48, Gareth Doherty 47:18, Marcus Hamer 47:35, Anne Ferguson 49:43, Simon Marland 49:48, Keith Thomas 50:54, Neil Counsell 51:34, Paul Christie 51:51, Linda Doherty 53:56, Andy Warburton 54:03, Julia Hall 54:17, Mark Butler 54:45, Bernie Jones 55:26, Jackie Oakes 55:48, Steven Bate 55:49, Kathryn Baron 55:59, Richard Burnett 56:07, Rick Winnard 56:10, Emma Walker 56:18, Kathryn Berry 58:34, Gillian Morris 59:47, Nia Bell 59:49, Philip Glassbrook 1:00:07, Carolyn Edwards 1:00:35, Joanna Warburton 1:04:14, Nicola Hardy 1:04:46, Anthony Fulop 1:08:51, Joanne Eddleston 1:09:03, Luke Newell 1:09:14, Shirley Robinson 1:12:06, Sue Marland 1:13:50, Jennifer Forkin 1:17:06, Gillian McGowan 1:17:06, Ian Mann 1:17:18, Cheryl Dunleavy 1:18:25.

The West Lancashire Triathlon has its headquarters at Edge Hill University and is one of the most highly-rated events for first-timers in the North West.

The 400m swim takes place in their indoor pool, the 18.5k cycle is a flat, three-lap course and the 5k run takes in the trails around campus before finishing on the running track.

Donning their swim, bike and run gear for the spring edition were a quartet of Burnden triathletes who, despite the wind and being blown around on the bike and road, all brought tremendous tri-times home.

Michelle Carter took on her first tri and smashed it in 1:36:06, including transition times. Her times for the three disciplines were 12:27 in the pool, 55:38 on the bike and 23:27 for the run.

Sarah Woodiwiss returned this year and finished in 1:53:20 including transition times. Her swim was just 9:09, cycle time was 58:31 and run time was 33:18.

Martin Cullen finished the event in 1:25:14 including transition times. Pool time was 9:08, the bike 47:53 and the run just 23:48.

Stephen Riddle, seasoned triathlete and pro-coach, completed the event in 1:26:21 including transition times. He was in the pool for a swift 6:43, on the bike for 49:28 and on the road for 26:04.

Lyall Mew achieved the fastest run time with 19:58 and completed the whole tri in 1:18:57 including transition times. His swim time was 9:11 and he was on the bike for 44:39.

Meanwhile, another special mention goes to Burnden’s Paul Willan who completed the 50-mile Manchester to Liverpool Ultra, with pal Alex Durkin, in aid of Guts UK - a charity that has been of great assistance to Willan’s wife and family.

To sponsor Paul, please visit his fundraising page at https://www.justgiving.com/page/paul-willan-1697643179180.

Parkrun results: Heaton Park - Tom Stratton 20:28, Mark Jackson 23:15, Katherine Baines 24:12; Millom - Steven Walsh 25:15; St Helens - Adrian Ashburn 23:05; Southport - David Smith 22:29; Bolton - Martin Whitehead 21:51 (fifth position), Andy Dunleavy 22:35 (10th), Martin Archer 24:29, Vicki Hamer 25:56, Ravi Patel 25:57, John Simms 27:17, Paul Johnson 29:25, Jenni Partington 29:59, David Allen 33:06, Luke Newell 33:39, Steven Snape 35:00, Joyce Tyldesley 38:03, Cheryl Dunleavy 40:36, Sarah Brown 1:01:02; Worsley Woods - Michael Kermode 22:00; Pomphrey Hill - Simon Marland 24:10, Sue Marland 35:45; Conwy - Don Taylor 32:38; Rogiet - Richard Blake 28:09; Peel - Carol Richardson 34:06; Trentham Gardens - Nia Bell 31:40.