WANDERERS (3-5-2).


That save from Phillips’s header was true class. Deserves to go down as a defining moment of the season if all ends up going well.


Kept Barnsley very quiet indeed down his side but was involved in the mix-up which led to the goal. Only blot on his copybook.


Immense from the captain, who doesn’t let Bolton down on the big occasions like these. Some outstanding work protecting his penalty box.


Like Jones, had enjoyed a very sound game with one notable exception. The shove on Cosgrove was a touch on the risky side too.


Like a coiled spring the whole game wating for the right ball to play him into space. Part of a wonderful flowing move for the first goal.


Shone when he got on the ball and produced a marvellous cross for Charles’s first. Did Bolton get him into the game enough, though?


Had to play against type a bit, with Bolton having to go more direct than they normally would. The frantic midfield didn’t necessarily play to his strengths.


After a couple of games where he looked slightly off the pace, this was a marked return to form. Rattled Barnsley from the early stages and tackled everything that moved.


A threat all night on the left flank, getting in behind O’Keefe and Williams a couple of times and raiding into the penalty box when he could. The goal straight from a corner was vital.


Chased a lot of lost causes to keep the pressure on, which isn’t the most natural facet to his game. Linked up where he could, but this was about effort.


Cometh the hour… Ice-cool from the penalty spot and the only man you’d want on the end of Maghoma’s brilliant cross. Another 20-goal season.

Subs: Dempsey 81 (for Maghoma) - Should have scored, he'll know that, but added a really noticeable burst of energy.

 Jerome 85 (for Charles) - Let's sum up his input in about 10 minutes - a superb pass for Dempsey and a canny block on the keeper for Williams' goal. Deserves the credit he's (finally) getting now.

Adeboyejo 85 (for Collins) - Superb to see that smile back on the pitch.

Not used: Coleman, Iredale, Morley, Ogbeta.

MAN OF THE MATCH – Dion Charles.

Tip of the hat to Baxter and Santos, who were outstanding, but Wanderers needed a difference maker on the night and you sensed Charles was getting ready to come to the boil after his spot kick at Peterborough last week. Drink it in, Dion’s back!

MOAN OF THE MATCH – One mistake was all it took to give Barnsley a hope in hell of turning this tie around. Perhaps the defensive miscommunication that led to Cosgrove’s goal will be an important reminder for the second leg on keeping standards high?

MAGIC MOMENT – Dacres-Cogley’s impudent flick, Collins and Maghoma’s quick interchange and a cross from the heavens. Dion Charles was never going to miss after build-up of that quality for the first goal.

Barnsley (3-5-2): Roberts; J Williams, Gevigney, Earl; O’Keefe, Phillips, Kane, Cadden; McAtee, Cole.

Subs: Cosgrove 64 (for Cole), Grant 64 (for Kane), Jalo 86 (for McAtee).

Not used: Killip, Russell, Cotter, McCart.

Referee: Will Finnie 8/10 – It was hard to read him in the first half – a tolerance level set high with a few head-scratching exceptions. But as the game went on it became clear he was trying to give both sides a chance to compete AND play. In such a pressured game, the Bedfordshire referee deserves some credit for getting the big calls correct.

Attendance: 13,846