LEAVING aside the usual jokes and banter, we've got something serious to talk about on The Buff this week.

Wanderers' poor show at Wembley means another year in League One and some big decisions to be made by everyone at the Toughsheet Stadium.

Fans are understandably annoyed that a big chance for promotion has been blown, and believe you me, they let us know about it on the email. So this week we have picked out the key arguments from all the correspondence, with Marc Iles and Henry Hewitt doing their level best to answer everything.

From Ian Evatt's future to the club captaincy, tactical issues to the treatment table, we look at everything that went wrong in great detail.

Along with your emails we examine the week's headlines from The Bolton News, including the club's retained list, the financial shortfall in League One and former captain Antoni Sarcevic and his take on an acrimonious exit at Wanderers.

It's first not last... But this week, we made sure we went last!

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