HAVING two world champion boxers under your belt may be enough for some trainers but Joe Gallagher's insatiable appetite for success shows no sign of abating.

The 47-year-old, whose Gallagher's Gym stable is based at Amir Khan's Gloves Community Centre, has recently been crowned Ring Magazine's trainer of the year after the trio of Liam Smith, Anthony Crolla and Bury's Scott Quigg all claimed world titles in 2015.

Quigg recently surrendered his WBA super-bantamweight crown to Carl Frampton but still having two fighters at the pinnacle makes for a busy lifestyle for Mancunian Gallagher.

But he is not afraid of hard work and is willing to put in the hours if it means success out of the Bolton gym continues.

It means up to 20-hour days for Gallagher but he says he would not have it any other way.

He told The Bolton News: "A typical day can vary – it depends on the training and who is in camp at the time.

"Recently it has been Scott Quigg so I have been up at 4am to get to the Village Hotel in Bury for 5am for a swimming session with Scott.

"Then it is back home and through the traffic for 7.30am.

"I will have a bit of breakfast and then head out at 8.15am to get to the gym for 9am.

"The lads will have time slots starting from 9am then quarter past through to around 2pm.

"Then after that it is more swimming or the track for the lads, which can go from 4pm to 7pm sometimes.

"I will get home and then it’s a case of catching up with phone calls and emails because I am too busy to look at my phone during the day.

"I try and get all that sorted.

"If fights are close then after my tea, I will head back to the gym and we could be there from 8pm to midnight, depending on the fighter.

"Then it all starts again.

"The next week it could be Liverpool early for swimming with the Smiths.

"It is just non-stop."

The hours may be long, but for a man who has boxing running through his veins it is hardly a chore.

Gallagher wants his fighters to see the same effort and commitment from his side, believing that is the way foundations for success are built.

He added: "I am the same as the fighters and live and breathe boxing.

"I always says to new lads that the day I want it more than them then we have a problem.

"I could sit here and think that I am Ring Magazine trainer of the year with three world champions last year and that life doesn’t get any better – but it does. I want four and five world champions.

"I want to show everyone this isn’t a fluke and the hard work that goes in pays off.

"That’s my goal. I don’t want to live on having one world champion. That drives me on to improve again.

"It shows the fighters the will to win.

"I remember when Callum Smith beat Rocky Fielding in Liverpool in what was a huge win for us.

"The next morning I rang Anthony Crolla up and got him in the gym when we usually have a day off on the Sunday.

"He thought we would have a day off after Callum’s fight but I told him ‘it starts again straight away for the next fight’.

"No matter what wins we have we go straight back and show the dedication.

"I have that and demand the same from the fighters and to be fair they are like that."