LITTLE Lever boxer Jack Cullen is sure he would defeat local rival Jack Flatley amid rumours of a bout between two of the town’s hottest in-ring prospects.

Cullen, nicknamed Little Lever’s Meat Cleaver, is focusing fully on his forthcoming fight in Manchester this week but is confident the much-anticipated local altercation – a hot topic of conversation on social media – would end in his favour.

“[I would fight Flatley] whenever, whenever it’s best for me,” He told The Bolton News. “But it doesn’t matter when it is, we both know who the winner is out of that.”

Coach Tommy Battel is confident the fight will happen at some point, but believes patience is key at this – still early – stage in both Cullen and Flatley’s careers.

He said: “They’re boxers, they’re fighters. If we said fight in the street tomorrow they’d do it.

“They’re not scared of each other.

“It would fill the Macron Stadium suite right now, it could fill the Bolton Arena in time, and in a dream world it could be at the Manchester Arena.

“It’s definitely a fight for the fans but I’d rather have it filling the Bolton Arena [in the future].

“Both Jacks would probably like it now but financially I think it’s got more potential in the future.”

Despite the anticipation over a possible fight, Cullen says there is no reason to be enemies… yet.

“We trained together, we used to spar with each other, we’ve been friends since we were 13 years old.

“We still speak to each other, we’re not enemies or anything, but obviously when we come to fight there’s going to be reason [to be enemies].”

Cullen will return to the ring for the UK versus Africa event at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester on November 10.