So to Sunday, and what was to be a personal milestone as the first of the T20 games against Sussex and Warwickshire was the 100th time I had put pen to scoresheet for Lancs Women.

Sadly we marked the occasion with two defeats, but there was a nice touch afterwards as the girls presented me with a lovely bottle of wine to mark the day.

The day took a turn for the worse as I suffered a back spasm which left me virtually bed-ridden for days and stopped me scoring the following Friday and Saturday.

I decided to risk it on Sunday at Widnes for Lancashire's final two T20 matches of the season against Surrey and the old enemy Yorkshire.

As I’ve said before, Widnes is a surprisingly attractive ground but the scoring facilities leave a lot to be desired.

The score box is quite literally a box and by far the smallest I’ve ever been in. Once you are in it is almost impossible to move.

You sit down and your back is on one wall and your knees on the other.

Add an electronic score device that takes up half the available desk space, and trailing wires, and it makes for a very uncomfortable experience.

On Friday, it was off to Norton CC in Stockton-on-Tees to do a couple of Thunder development T20s against Durham.

Amazingly, given the heatwave, it was cool enough to need my hoody for the first hour. But when the sun came out it did so with a vengeance as the paint surface on our scoring table started to melt in the heat.

My laptop also nearly gave up until I managed to keep it a little cooler.

Two thrilling games went down to the last over and a win each was probably fair for two talented sides.

After the games I drove back for Lostock's T20 semi-final against Westhoughton – talk about glutton for punishment.

A two-hour dash home was rewarded with a terrific win for the lads in somewhat controversial circumstances with our pro dismissed from the field for five overs.

After the day’s hectic schedule the rest of the weekend was somewhat bare with Saturday’s games cancelled for a football game, and, for once, a free Sunday.

When you are used to being on the go it is amazing how long a day seems when you have nothing to do. Be careful what you wish for is the moral of the tale.

The next three weeks mark the busiest part of the season as the Kia Super League [KSL] approaches for Lancashire Women.

But first, Lostock have a game at Atherton followed by T20 finals day.

Saturday’s visit is the first time I have scored a senior game there since they added the new scoring area, and it is a pretty good view.

But, once again, I suspect is was placed without consulting any of Atherton’s plethora of fine scorers, with the usual blind spot seemingly obligatory for the scorers.

A club-record win sent us into Sunday in good heart for the T20 finals day, and we started with a coupon-buster, beating the highly-fancied Bradshaw side before Brett Pelser yet again batted us out of the game in the final – he must dream of batting against us, such is his record.

Wednesday was time for Thunder to play their warm-up games for the KSL and we travelled to York to play local school, York St Peters, and Yorkshire Diamonds in a triangular competition.

St Peters beat Diamonds then we beat St Peters, setting us up nicely for the stand-off in the Roses game.

Once again, we dominated the game and recorded an emphatic seven-wicket win.

York CC, who are twice National Knockout champions, are part of a sports club that also includes rugby, tennis and squash, a caravan site and no fewer than four function rooms.

It is a great facility where my only gripe was being charged £1.20 for a can of Coca-Cola.

So, to weekend where Saturday saw the Lostock lads pull off a magnificent win at Farnworth against the odds with a team shorn of our professional and a couple of other key players, as Farnworth scorer Phil Andrews and I put the world to rights in the score box.

It was not a great day for the other counters, though, with four five-ball overs and two seven-ball ones during the course of a great game.

I wish I could say Sunday’s opening game in the KSL was a great one but, sadly, it most definitely was not, as Thunder’s long wait for a second win in the competition went on.

It was our first visit to Southport for eight years and, to be frank, not a great experience.

The clubhouse is a great modern facility but the scorers were unable to all fit in the score box – there being four of us, one from each team, one from Opta and one from ECB for some reason.

So the team scorers were consigned to the tennis pavilion where we made the best of a bad job after much removing of furniture.

The pitch was not great, but then again neither were the Lancashire Women team.