FARNWORTH skipper Simon Booth admits the club’s current hectic schedule means he sees more of Lavender Road than his own home – but admits it is the price you pay for success.

Booth’s men face three games in as many days this weekend – up against Little Hulton in the T20 competition tonight before back-to-back trips to Bradshaw in the league and then in the Peter Stafford Trophy semi-final on Sunday.

It is another strain on resources, as it is for any team balancing three matches in as many days.

But Booth accepts it comes with the territory of chasing silverware on several fronts and says the squad at Farnworth have been as committed as ever trying to juggle their lives to make sure they can turnout for the team as much as possible.

The captain said: “It is busier than ever for us at the minute with T20 on Fridays and then playing double-headers at weekends.

“Because I also work with the juniors I think I am at the club for seven days in a row this coming week.

“But I have to go on record and say that all our players are committed to the club and we do quite well in selecting strong teams.

“Even the lads who work weekend stry and rearrange things to fit everything in.

“We have youngsters who can step in as well and that is good experience for them when they step up from the seconds.

“At Farnworth, we are never scared to give youth a chance – the likes of Kian Rogerson played in the last round of the Peter Stafford Trophy.

“The youngsters come in and while they lack some experience in the batting and bowling they are all fantastic fielders.

“So we will hopefully have good squads to pick from this weekend and be able top have decent sides out in each game.

“Jonny Kerrigan should be back after missing a couple of games so that will help.”

With the T20 and Peter Stafford ties this weekend either side of a league game, the third-placed Premiership side are also in the last eight of the Hamer Cup with a trip to Westhoughton up next on July 7.

And while Booth would relish a quadruple, he admits the top two in the league – Walkden and table-topping Horwich RMI – are in fine form.

Booth added: “We were very unlucky not to beat Horwich in the first game in my opinion but to be fair to them they have gone on and done really well – they are on a roll at the minute.

“They lost to Bradshaw in midweek in the Hamer Cup so it will be interesting to see what the reaction is.

“They still have to come to our place but if they come and beat us and then go to Walkden and do the same, then they deserve to win the league – like Walkden did last year.

“We have to keep going because we are in good form ourselves in third and in three cup competitions.

“If we can win tonight at Little Hulton, we will top our T20 group and that will give us a home draw in the next round.

“Then we have the Hamer Cup and Sunday’s game at Bradshaw – who will be confident after beating Horwich.

“We want to keep chasing silverware and see where it gets us.”