FARNWORTH Social Circle captain David Tonge wants the Bolton League to return to one division and also to prioritise Twenty20.

Tonge has poured cold water on two proposals – for next summer – he was sent last week.

The experienced opening batsman has even described the current Bolton League, which sees two divisions of 10 and three separate cup competitions, as “a bit of a laughing stock”.

Tonge’s comments come having reflected on a difficult season in which player availability has been an issue for Social Circle, including his own situation juggling cricket with family life.

The father of two, who is yet to decide whether he will play on next year at the age of 39, was speaking after Saturday’s rained-off Premiership clash at Bradshaw.

“I got forwarded an email with proposals from the league for next year. And both, in my opinion, don’t work,” he said.

“One was 10 teams in the Premiership and we play each other twice. Then it would be three more fixtures against random teams.

“The other was two divisions of nine. You’d play teams in your division twice and teams in the other division once.

“For me, we’re losing Bradshaw to the GMCL and Daisy Hill are being forced out, so we have to go to one division and get rid of this Stafford Trophy that no one is really invested in until it gets to the quarter-finals.

“Then we could put a real emphasis on the T20 and Hamer Cup.

“The T20 could lose Tuesdays and potentially Fridays and go to two fixtures on a Sunday when you’ll get the crowds in to put money behind the bar.

“We do that now. When we get the fixtures, we say, ‘Right, we’ll get those two teams down here and play them back to back. We’ll get DJs and food and make it like a carnival day’.

“Every club should be given the chance to do that on a Sunday because T20, like in professional cricket, is a big deal.

“I’ve got two kids and a missus, and this year has been a real struggle with the amount of fixtures the league have thrown at us within a small period.

“Early on, we were playing Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s a lot to ask amateur cricketers to commit to – single lads included.

“Then, come the back end, there’s not a great deal of cricket unless you’re on a decent cup run. There’s no fixture this year on August Bank Holiday weekend (August 24).

“You don’t have to fill every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday with a fixture.

“Let’s make the league competitive and something people want to come and play in.

“At the minute, in my opinion, the Bolton League is a bit of a laughing stock. Look at the names who have played in the league compared to now, it’s become a laughing stock.”

Social Circle are currently fifth in the Premiership with four wins from 12.

Tonge has described the campaign as “up and down” and expects next year to be similar. But he is confident the medium to long-term future of the club is in safe hands given the strength of their junior set-up.

First-team wise, he says the form of opening batsman Liam Ashworth (155 runs) and 19-year-old Australian overseas wicketkeeper Coby Cornish (10 dismissals) have been particular positives.

He added: “I believe Coby’s the best keeper in the league. He’s been a massive positive, and the plan is to try and get him back next year.”