SATURDAY’S rained-off Premiership title crunch clash between Farnworth and Walkden has left Simon Booth feeling a bit like Liverpool football manager Jurgen Klopp.

The Farnworth captain saw the hosts’ chance to take the lead at the top of the table ahead of the last four rounds washed away, leaving champions Walkden with a four-point lead.

The abandonment, Farnworth’s fourth to Walkden’s fifth, also left Booth in contemplative mood regarding the future schedule of the Bolton League, which will be decided by August 20.

“We tried and tried, but it was one of those things. It’s frustrating because we fancied our chances at home,” said Booth.

“Walkden are strong at home, but so are we. We haven’t lost at home yet.

“We might end up doing a Liverpool here – losing one game all season and not winning the title!

“It’s frustrating because, with 18 fixtures, I don’t believe we play enough league games.

“With the amount of rain, Walkden might end up winning the title playing only 13 games.

“With the move to two divisions, the Peter Stafford Trophy has been brought in to get more cricket. And that’s fair enough. These clubs are businesses and need revenue.

“Unfortunately, I believe the Stafford Trophy has lost a bit of its importance.”

Clubs are voting on five proposals – the return to one division is one of them – for the make-up of next summer’s 18-club Bolton League. The deadline for votes is tonight.

Five will then be whittled down to two ahead of the final decision at a league meeting next Tuesday.

Booth said: “In terms of the proposals, I think the top division of 10 and second of eight where the top five teams in the Premier have a play-off system at the end of the year for the title has a lot of merit.

“That would stop all the dead-rubber games. But you could potentially finish third or something and still win the league.

“A lot of people will think that’s rubbish, but it happens in Rugby League.

“The two options I think will go through are that and the two divisions of 12 and six.

“That one’s good for the 12 at the top because they’ll play 22 league games, and I think a league programme has to have a minimum 20 games. The second division play each other three times.

"Unfortunately, if it does go 12-6, I think it will be a bit of a forerunner to a 14-club league again in two or three years time with some leaving.

“But 10-8 still gives you the problem of clubs having their heads turned to go elsewhere. That won’t happen to Farnworth, though. We won’t be moving. End of story.

“Do I want to be going to the far side of Manchester for a 1pm start? No. And most of our other lads with families are the same. I’m one of the younger ones at Farnworth.

“I don’t think there’s a definitive answer. It’s a strange situation we find ourselves in, and we just have to make the best of what we’ve got.

“What I would say is that the Bolton League is still so competitive, and the top six to eight teams are as strong as anywhere else.

“The Utopia is 24 – two divisions of 12. But is that going to happen, with other clubs coming into the league? Realistically, no.”

Returning to this season’s title race, and Saturday sees a huge fixture for both Farnworth and Walkden, with the latter hosting third-placed Horwich RMI.

Booth added: “We’re massive Horwich fans on Saturday!

"The only way we’re in the title race is if Walkden slip up.

"If they do, happy days. Then we have to capitalise.”