WANDERERS have sought extra time to sort out an ‘historical’ winding-up petition from HMRC.

The petition was issued to Bolton Wanderers Football and Athletic Company over unpaid tax and VAT, and was heard for the first time in a London court this morning.

Macron sources insist the matter is several months old and is in the process of being paid, but no official comment has yet been made by the club.

HMRC have adopted a policy of pursuing football debts rigorously, and in this case appear to have piggy-backed another company’s petition, which has since been settled.

It is understood they have asked Wanderers for a bond to cover future liabilities — the size of which is currently being negotiated by club owner and chairman, Ken Anderson.

Wanderers have had several run-ins with HMRC in the past and were pushed to the verge of administration in early 2016 after a series of appearances in the courts.