BURY Football Club Ltd survived a winding-up bid by the taxman to be told it was being served with another such order.

The company behind the town's team, faced a winding-up petition in the High Court yesterday.

HM Revenue & Customs had lodged a petition at the Insolvency and Companies Court seeking the limited company’s winding up over an unpaid tax bill for an undisclosed amount.

The club which plays in League Two announced its new owner, Steven Dale, two months ago, in December last year.

When the case came on, counsel for HMRC told Judge Sally Barber that the debt had been paid and asked for the winding up petition to be dismissed.

However, counsel for two other creditors, Stellar Football Ltd and Impact SM Ltd asked to be substituted. She said the two companies were owed £22,522.52 and £4,826.22. The preference was that the substitution was in the name of SM Impact.

Bury FC Ltd’s barrister said those two companies were asking that payment be made by the Football Association rather than the company, particularly the underlying debt.

The judge agreed with the request to substitute Impact SM on the petition and said the winding up petition should be re-served.

The next hearing was set for 13 March.

If the club had been wound up today, its affairs would effectively have been handed over to an Official Receiver.

His job would then have been to do his best to ensure that debts are paid off by selling any assets available and then bringing business to a close.

In April 2016, Bury FC had a winding up petition against them dismissed at London’s High Court

It was the second time that year the club has been forced to appear at court to answer a petition brought against them by HMRC.

And as in February, when they previously appeared in court, the bill had already been paid by the time the ruling was made.

And again the amount of the tax debt was not disclosed.

In December, Mr Dale said there was "a lot to do" to sort out the financial problems at the club.

He said work to improve the club's financial prospects was already beginning and criticised the way in which business had been run in the past.

No one from the club was available for comment.