BOLTON-BORN Nicky Adams has stirred up derby passions even before a ball has been kicked in League One.

The Bury midfielder, raised and based in Breighmet, has been vocal about the Shakers’ financial problems under Steve Dale and called for the owner to step aside and allow new investment to come into Gigg Lane.

But he has also taken a tongue-in-cheek shot at Wanderers, who will be in the same division as Bury next season.

Asked which game he most looked forward to in an interview with, the 32-year-old admitted he wouldn’t be holding back against Bolton.

“I will be looking forward to going to Bolton Wanderers, in front of the Horwich casuals thinking they're hard as nails and then when we turn them over they'll be nothing they can do about it,” he said.

“I'll celebrate right in front of them, too, if I bag so that'll be a great feeling.

“Great stadium as well, it's a shame they find themselves in the position they do back down in League One, but as we know all too well, that's just football.”

Both traditional Lancashire clubs have experienced cash problems, with Bury’s players unpaid for the last three months.

Wanderers were placed into administration, which simplifies their situation but also means they will certainly start next term with minus 12 points.

The Shakers’ issues are far from over and though there has apparently been interest in buying the club, progress has been slow.

Adams is concerned that the promotion-winning squad could break up and that highly-rated manager Ryan Lowe may also be forced to quit.

“It's tough, I’m speaking to the gaffer on a daily basis,” he said. “Obviously finishing second and earning promotion was an unbelievable feeling and one we're all really proud of, and the players want to stay and make a real go of it in League One next season because it's the least the fans deserve, but it's just hard because even though we're footballers, we're still people who have families to look after and it's going to get to the point where if things are not sorted within the next couple of weeks then unfortunately people are just going to go and find another job.

“It's just the way of life, you can't live for free and we're not millionaires, but it's difficult because like I say we all love the club and really want to be a part of things moving forward.”

Lowe has had an interview with Plymouth Argyle, now in League Two, but is understood to be weighing up his options before deciding whether to move his family from the North West down to Devon.

Adams, who has also played alongside Lowe, says he would not blame him for leaving.

“Lowey's done absolutely brilliant this season, he's one of the lads and deserves all the success he gets in management, one thing I can say for certain is that he does want to stay at the club and take this group of players forward, but, like I say, if your hand is forced then there's nothing he can do.

“The powers that be, to be brutally honest, are treating us all like absolute rubbish so, listen, he's been a great friend of mine for a long time now, and after this year he's an even better one and I'll always hold him in a high regard.

“We all hope he stays we really do, but if he doesn't then it won't be a decision taken lightly.

“One thing’s for sure though, whatever he does end up doing, he'll be very successful doing it because he's a top lad and a great manager with plenty to give.”