BURY fans looking to establish a new team in non-league next season have vowed to step up their efforts despite a statement from the club insisting it is “not dead”.

A group of supporters have already laid the groundwork for the establishment of a phoenix club and say they plan to try and buy back Gigg Lane, if possible, for any future venture.

But an odd statement sanctioned by Shakers owner Steve Dale on Friday night claimed “steps are being taken to address the recent wrong doings” and that they will again play football despite the looming threat of the company being liquidated in the High Court.

The club will be back in court on Wednesday to defend a winding-up petition from HMRC, with the phoenix group already making plans to re-emerge next season as a separate entity.

“In recent weeks, you may have seen the news that Bury Football Club are on the verge of liquidation,” a statement read. “It is clear to even the most loyal of supporters that the latest adjournment from the High Court is merely postponing the inevitable and its supporter base will wait no longer. We are here to tell you that whilst the incarnation that we all know and love will soon be no more, from its ashes this club shall be reborn.

“(Our) 134 years of history will not die when Bury FC’s last rites are read. Bury FC is alive in every single fan. We are what makes Bury FC and whilst we have fought tooth and nail to avoid the scenario that faces us, it is now time to look towards the future.

“What has happened to our great club has been a tragedy and the depth of financial mismanagement by those purporting to be its custodians appears to be bottomless. It is little wonder that credible bidders have been unable to proceed. This puts into perspective the superb efforts of the players and club staff throughout this period. These staff, who have in the main worked unpaid, have done so in the hope that the club could have been saved. They have had Bury FC in their hearts and we shall be forever indebted to them for their efforts during the darkest period of our history.

“The fans have already rallied. The food vouchers donated and funds raised to support club staff in need show the depth of feeling that the supporters have for those that wear the Bury crest. The supporters’ trust, fans of other clubs and public figures have battled on to try to secure funds for our survival. We have had collections, released a music single and raised money in any way we could. The football community even united at Gigg Lane to clean and prepare the stadium in readiness for a game that ultimately never happened.

“The efforts of the fans to bring football back to Bury have already been evidenced in the Bury Legends XI football match on Sunday, October 20. This was just a glimpse of the power that we have as a united group of supporters. Bury fans, the football community and beloved ex-players came together to celebrate the impact that Bury FC has had on their lives and simultaneously ignite the embers of the Phoenix Club.

“Be without doubt that every effort to save the club has been explored and exhausted but we shall not let those efforts be in vain. We have come together to offer hope that a football club can re-emerge from the ashes of what has gone before.

“A small team of supporters has been exploring ways to create a phoenix club from scratch. The aim is to have a football team playing competitive fixtures in Bury by August 2020.

“Several weeks ago, the original team expanded, and a wider network of fans has come together to help push the Bury Phoenix Club forward. Specific areas of the new club set-up were devised and fans with immediate skills in each area started work on those areas.

“Whilst much has been accomplished during this time, the timescales to achieve our goal are tight and a lot of work is still required. We want you to be involved in the continued formation of a new club. As ever, the fans are the lifeblood of our club. We aim to be open with all and communicate our developments as progress is made.

“We understand that this may not be for all. The death of Bury FC as we know it may, for some people, be the end of their association with the club and perhaps with football completely. We respect that. We would ask you, however, to think back on our club motto, Vincit Omnia Industria – hard work conquers all.

“We are facing adversity and a host of new challenges but with your help, we shall overcome them. Channel your energy and the experiences of the last 10 months and for however long you have known and loved this historic club to fuel the fire of phoenix flames.

“We are about to embark on a journey that will be nothing like this club has faced before and yet, mirrors the spirit that has taken us to two FA Cup final victories and success across the Football League. This is the spirit that has brought you back to Gigg Lane more times than you can remember. It is the desire for something greater than trophies and glory. Your love for Bury FC is boundless because Bury FC is more than just bricks and mortar. It is more than whichever players are on the team sheet, whoever is the manager or even what league the team are in. Bury FC is a family and you are part of it. 

“On the eve of the Lancashire Cup final in 1892, JT Ingham uttered the immortal words, “We shall shake ’em, in fact, we are the Shakers.”  (Now) 127 years later, we are asking you to help shake ‘em again.”

It has been a month since Bury, now officially expelled by the EFL, have made any official comment. But Friday’s communication left supporters scratching their heads.

A statement read: “The club would like to make clear the following and quash any rumours: Bury Football Club is not dead as some are asserting and will again be playing football.

“Steps are being taken to address the recent wrong doings to our club, the truth will prevail.

“Our pitches at Gigg and Carrington are in first-class order ready for next season, work will start on our stadium once the (Stewart) Day/Loan situation is resolved.

“The legal cases against people are ongoing but looking very positive, alas not as quickly as we would like.

“The winding-up order should never have been issued and would have been dismissed on the day but unfortunately, HMRC had not finalised processing the returns and an adjournment was granted to accommodate this, it will be dismissed this week coming

“The press made the above sound like others were involved, it was a quick court hearing and lasted minutes no other party influenced the case or made a claim.

“Our club has no affiliation with these alleged Phoenix/Start-ups.

“The club can also confirm it has never been involved or been consulted in recent fundraising."