BURY’S Football Club is getting closer to its town again.

That’s the verdict of one person involved in the movement to have a phoenix club back playing next season after the Shakers’ expulsion from the Football League.

Jon Wiggans, who is working on the group’s fundraising and commercial side, has been involved with fellow fan Simon Henson in an initiative supporting local pubs affected by the lack of football at Gigg Lane.

Three Saturdays a month, fans go to either the Stanley Club, Staff Of Life or Rose and Crown, where DVDs are often shown of games from the club’s celebrated past.

Wiggans, also heavily involved in Bury Cricket Club, says it is all part of the grand plan for those involved with the phoenix which looks set to emerge in non-league next season.

“We want to engage with the local community,” said the season ticket holder and fan of 31 years.

“Whoever that may be, we’ve said we’ll try our darn hardest to get them involved.

“We’re trying to support the local community in any way.

“When we’re looking at things like merchandise and venues we’re looking at Bury businesses first to try and bring income to them.

“The club alienated the town with what’s gone on and that needs to change.”

Wiggans has been heartened by what he’s seen at the gatherings, believing they have been key in the healing process after a traumatic few months.

“We’re averaging about 60 or 70 people,” he said.

“Overall they’ve been fantastic, well supported get-togethers.

“We’ve got DVDs from the late 70s through to the early 2000s of highlights of old games.

“At first people didn’t know what to do because it was so raw. Some are still angry but to be able to meet with fans in the same situation it’s almost like a bit of counselling.

“People are starting to look towards the future whatever that may be.”

Two phoenix club fundraisers have been organised so far, a family event at the Arcade Club on January 2 and an evening with former Shaker Derek Spence on February 6 at the Stanley Club.