IT was a World Championships to remember for jiu jitsu star Ade Donnelly, who picked up two silver medals and one bronze medal on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Representing Great Britain in the light heavyweight category, Donnelly picked up silver medals in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Sport Jiu Jitsu, while the bronze medal came in the team event.

“Me and the team did really well,” he told The Bolton News.

“Altogether Britain got three gold medals, along with 16 silver medals and I believe eight or nine bronze medals.”

With the Gold Coast being more than 10,000 miles away from his home in Atherton and having a 10-hour time difference back to the UK, Donnelly admitted he had to adjust when he first touched down on the other side of the world, adding: “It was tough as I had to get into a new routine and adjust to a new climate as it was very, very warm when I was there. It was tough fighting in those conditions.”

But he acquitted himself brilliantly and collected silver in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu event, losing to New Zealand’s Cam Steer, and another silver in the Sport Jiu Jitsu discipline. In that event he was beaten by a familiar face, Charlie Love from the USA, who he had first come across when both were serving their countries in Iraq.

Following his silver success in Australia, Donnelly is already turning his attention to the European Championships in January, which will take place in Lisbon.

And he is hoping to track down any local businesses able to sponsor his quest for European glory, in order to meet the costs associated with competing around the world, such as travel, accommodation, insurance and equipment.

“I’m expecting to perform better at the European Championships, as I will have more time to prepare,” he said.

“However, as in the World Championships, I’ll be coming up against some of the best Jiu Jitsu players in the world.

“As of yet, I’m still yet to receive any sponsorship.

“My current employers are planning to reimburse me for my travel to Australia, but I’m hoping to have a sponsor in time for the Europeans.”

Anyone who would like to speak to Ade about potential sponsorship opportunities should contact him by emailing