FORREST and Westhoughton's A teams fought out a draw in Section A of the Bolton Badminton League in a match that went to the wire.

In their first game for four weeks second-placed Forrest were denied victory when Westhoughton won both games in the last match of the night.

Forrest’s first couple, Paula Wright and Suresh Kumar, and Westhoughton's Abbie Edwards and Chris King shared the opening games, the former winning the first 21-18 and Edwards and King taking the second 21-18.

Westhoughton’s first couple, Karen Douglas and John Davenport, claimed both games against Christine Seddon and youngster Matt Latham – in his first foray in the top section – 21-17, 21-15.

In the clash of the third couples, Forrest’s Carolyn Wood and Mahendra Patel hit back by winning 21-17, 21-18 against Alison Muddiman and Dave Urmston.

Forrest’s Wright and Kumar then took both games, 21-15, 21-16, against Douglas and Davenport when the top couples met.

The match then see-sawed back to Westhoughton, Edwards and King claiming their games against Seddon and Latham 21-16, 21-19 in the clash of the second couples.

Going into the level doubles the score was 5-5 and Wood and Wright got Forrest's noses in front when they comfortably won the first pair of ladies’ games 21-12, 21-13 against Muddiman and Douglas.

Fourth-placed Westhoughton’s men, Urmston and Davenport, reciprocated by winning comfortably, 21-18, 21-10, against Patel and Kumar in the first pair of men’s games before Forrest’s Wood and Seddon claimed the second pair of ladies’ games 21-15, 21-15 against Muddiman and Edwards.

It was down to the final pair of men’s games to decide matters and Westhoughton’s, Urmston and King, dug deep to win both games 21-16, 21-17 against Patel and Latham and secure a draw for their team.