THIS week’s delve into the picture archives at The Bolton News has unearthed this photograph of the Bolton Under-15s team from May 1995.

There is no other information accompanying the picture, other than the fact it was taken prior to a game against Hindburn.

Do you remember that game or recognise anyone pictured?

Did you play for the town team around that time?

Email with any recollections.

THE second picture was featured a month ago in the sporting nostalgia section and is of a wintry friendly match between footballers from White Bank and County Grammar School, taken in February 1969.

Reader Fred Tyldesley got in touch and said: "I was delighted to see the picture of football in the snow – it brought back vivid memories of that day in February 1969.

"As a teacher at White Bank School I was given the job of refereeing that Saturday morning because the PE teacher, my late friend Derrick Jackson, could not attend.

"When I got to the school on Wigan Road there was what I would describe as a light flurry of snow which rapidly developed into a heavy blizzard.

"Of course, I had to cancel the match but the White Bank boys (a tough lot) and the County Grammar boys pleaded with me to let them have a friendly match.

"At the end of 50 minutes the snow was so thick we all had difficulty even walking, and the ball almost disappeared at times.

"While I still dispute the 10-0 result – I think it was only 8-0 – everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.

"As far as I can remember, the White Bank boy on the extreme left is Paul Hinchcliffe, next is Brian Johnson, Alan Taylor (in the striped shirt) and Leslie Blackshore is standing further along with his hands on his hips.

"Eighth from the left is Derek Taylor (Alan's twin) and extreme right is Robin Isherwood.

"I think Philip McCue also played in that game and I can't remember our goalkeeper's name, but that's perhaps as well!

"Needless to say it was the only game that went on in the Bolton area that weekend.

"In 1970 we moved up to Deane for the opening of the new school, on January 4."

Alan Gill added: "I remember the match well – I am the one on the far left.

"The match lasted only 50 minutes, not only because of the weather, but also because it took all the players an hour beforehand to clear the lines.

"It seems totally crazy to play in those conditions now, but it highlights how much the lads loved their football in those days.

"I can recall some names. The picture shows a penalty taken by Robert Lomas, while standing fourth from the left in a striped shirt is Alan Taylor. Second from right is Howard Scott."

Iain Price also got in touch and said: “I played in that match and remember that, having managed to get there (two bus rides from up Chorley Old Road) we just wanted to play.

"We cleared the snow from the lines as best we could to get the game on.

"I remember the photo making the front page of The Buff that Saturday night as it was the only game played locally because of the heavy snow.

"I am the lazy one kneeling down. I think the other County Grammar players are Duncan Grundy (middle background), Howard Scott (second from right) and Robert Lomas taking the penalty – and scoring, as he often did.

"Many thanks for bringing back great memories – 50 years!”