BOLTON Badminton League's B Section went with form as fourth-placed Markland Hill D beat sixth-placed Deane B 10-8.

Markland Hill showed their intention from the start with Cecilia Rodger and Stephan Halsall winning the first set 21-14, 21-9, against Patricia Beck and Pravin Pindolia.

They also took the first game of the second set 21-14 through Angela Brown and Greg White, but Georgina Ryding and Robert Brocklehurst put Deane on the scoresheet, taking the second 21-10.

Markland Hill also proved dominant in the third couples’ match with Kath Spillane and Richard Truslow claiming both games 21-13, 21-14, against Maggie Wong and Mahesh Keria.

Deane’s Ryding and Brocklehurst then claimed their second game of the match 21-12, but Rodger and Halsall took the second 21-13.

In the second couples, Markland Hill's Brown and White claimed both games 21-14, 21-15, against Beck and Pindolia.

At the conclusion of the mixed games, Markland Hill were 8-2 ahead and looked on for a comfortable victory.

Deane then started to impose their level doubles strength into the match.

The first pair of ladies’ games was shared, Deane’s Wong and Ryding taking the first 21-13, and Spillane and Rodger, claiming the second 21-18.

Deane’s Keria and Brocklehurst held their nerve to claim both first men’s games 22-20, 21-15, against Truslow and Halsall.

Then Wong and Beck dug in to claim the second pair of ladies' games, 22-20, 24-22, against Spillane and Brown.

Going into the final men’s games Deane had fought back to 9-7 down and Keria and Pindolia claimed the first 21-17.

But the determined pair of Truslow and White clung on to take the second 21-15 and seal a 10-8 victory for Markland Hill.

In C Section, the final match of the season for third-placed Sharples C saw them beat Moorside C, in eighth, 11-7.

Sharples’ second couple, Eileen Beeney and Nick Hitchen, claimed the opening games 21-18, 21-15, against Jane Ashcroft and Dave Wood, and their first couple, Linzi Casey and Nathan Peddie, followed suit taking both of their games 21-15, 21-19, against Abi Sewart and Jamie Belton.

When the third couples met, Moorside’s Jane Whelan and Stuart Hall claimed their games 21-12, and hung on to take the second 22-20, against Marion Anderson and Christian Ellcock.

In the clash of the first couples, the games were shared – Moorside’s Ashcroft and Wood claiming the first 22-20, and Casey and Peddie taking the second 21-7.

In the game between the second couples, Beeney and Hitchen claimed both for Sharples, 21-17, 21-11, against, Sewart and Belton.

Going into the level doubles, Sharples were 7-3 ahead and in the first pair of ladies’ games Anderson and Casey put their team in the draw position, winning both games 21-12, 21-8, against Whelan and Ashcroft.

Moorside’s Hall and Wood claimed two close games, 21-19, 22-20, in the first pair of men’s games against Ellcock and Peddie as the fight went on.

Then, the second pair of ladies’ games was shared, Sewart and Whelan taking the first 21-18, and Anderson and Beeney claiming the second 21-12 which secured the victory for Sharples.

The second pair of men’s games was also shared, Hall and Belton taking a nail-biting first 27-25, and Ellcock and Hitchen winning the second 22-20.