A TEAM of 20 firefighters fought to rescue a horse and a man from a ditch.

The four-year-old horse, named Troy, became stranded in water at Doffer Fold Farm, off St Andrew's Road, Radcliffe, at about 1pm this afternoon.

Firefighters from Bury, an animal rescue unit from Heywood and water rescue units from Eccles and Heywood spent about two-and-a-half hours pulling the horse free from the mud.

They pulled Troy out of the water using rescue stretchers and harnesses.

Troy suffered no injuries and kept calm during the ordeal.

The man who was with Troy had been up to his knees in the ditch and was rescued as soon as firefighters arrived.

He did not suffer any injuries.

Steve Wilcock, Bury Fire Station watch commander, said: "It was a very long, protracted exercise, but it was good experience for my team.

"It was a very powerful horse and it could have been dangerous, but the team dealt with it very well."