POLITICIANS have demanded action is taken to improve “disgusting” conditions at a Radcliffe housing estate.

After the Radcliffe Times highlighted the plight of tenants living in the St Thomas’ Estate in the town centre, a councillor has called for an urgent meeting with Six Town Housing.

Seymour Walk tenant Chris Talbot, aged 60, has been living in his lounge for more than six weeks after part of his ceiling fell through due to damp plaster crumbling.

Now two slates have fallen from his roof – but he says work has still not been carried out.

Residents say the houses should be condemned with damp, mouldy conditions, rotting bricks and leaking roofs plaguing many of the properties.

Radcliffe East Cllr Nick Parnell said: “I have demanded an urgent meeting with the Chief Executive of Six Town Housing, Sharon McCambridge, to seek an explanation as to how matters deteriorated to this extent and more importantly when repairs will be done.

“I am absolutely disgusted at the conditions on St Thomas’ estate.

“I am grateful to residents for bringing these issues to my attention.

“No one should be living like this in the 21st century."

Magda Csatlos, former chairman of the now disbanded Tenants and Residents Association (TRA), said: “I have told councillors and Six Town Housing on many occasions that these houses needed new roofs and pointing.

“They are a danger to tenants and the public.

“How many times do we have to ask for help?”