FAST-FOOD enthusiasts will be able to feel the benefit of table service after improvements were made at McDonald's in Radcliffe following a month’s closure.

The restaurant in Riverside Retail Park has been given a digital makeover and now also features self-service kiosks and tablet computers.

To improve the speed and ease of ordering, four self-order areas will now allow customers to browse the menu and personalise their meals.

Customers will still be able to order at the tills as normal but the aim of the new-look system is to offer customers a better combination of speed and quality.

The tablets also allow people to check their emails and their social media accounts, or charge their phones or play online games.

Other new features at the restaurant will include free Wi-fi, as well as a modern, bright redesign with new seating.

McDonald’s franchisee Simon Toft, who owns and operates three restaurants in the area including the one in Radcliffe, said: “I am dedicated to invest in Radcliffe and in the development of my employees.

“That’s why I’ve improved the crew room to provide them with the same facilities that our customers enjoy and have an area to train and develop to keep improving the service we offer.

“I’m confident that this new look restaurant in Riverside Retail Park will be a welcome addition to the area and I’m looking forward to welcoming our customers in to show off the changes.”

The table service has been introduced as part of a wider roll-out starting with 500 stores in 2016, which aims to take the stress out of finding somewhere to sit when carrying food, potentially with children, bags and buggies.

The introduction of these changes also means that McDonald’s crew are able to widen their skill set and the branch is projected to take on 18 new staff in the coming months.

Member of staff at the Radcliffe restaurant, Chloe Mundy, who has overseen the changes from the older layout to the new, said: “The new changes that have been brought in have been a big help as they have really made our jobs easier.

“The customer experience is much better too, the service is faster and the quality is better. So everyone is a winner.

The company says the future could see more exciting features introduced if current trials prove successful, including the option to customise their classic burgers in the summer.

Reporter Duncan Robinson paid a visit to the newly refurbished restaurant to try out the new systems himself.

As you walk in, there is definitely a more futuristic feel with the style of the new kiosks and seating.

You are welcomed by a member of staff at the self-service kiosk who will assist you in building your order if you wish.

Before ordering, customers are now given the choice of table service and can choose whether to sit in Zone 1, 2 or 3.

The tablets for the kids, along with numerous plug sockets to charge smartphones, makes the experience much more of a pleasant one compared with on previous occasions.

I am sure that the people of Radcliffe will feel these benefits.