If you're a Google car driver on Sussex’s streets, you’d better grow a thick skin.

First The Argus revealed how an unknown builder had seemingly given a camera car taking pictures for Google Street View a one-fingered salute while working in Powis Villas, Brighton.

Now another workman has been spotted throwing rude shapes at the passing car.

The Street View image of Palmeira Square, Hove clearly shows a tattooed man flicking a cheeky V sign with both hands behind his back.

The man, who we managed to track down, claimed he was just being a “naughty schoolboy”.

The cleaner, who said he didn’t want to give his name, added: “To be honest, I can’t even remember doing it.

“I was just being a bit of a naughty schoolboy.

“It’s a bit like wet paint, you shouldn’t touch it but it’s sort of instinctive.

“I’m not one of these lefties who think Google shouldn’t be doing this; I think Street View is pretty useful.”

The picture of the gesturing cleaner was flagged up by Chris Whittle.