A squid fishing competition descended into farce when the only catch was a tiny mollusc.

The annual All England Squid Championships held at Brighton Marina was set back by bad weather, meaning that rather than catching a glut of giant squid, just one solitary cephalopod measuring just 1cm long, was caught.

More than 70 anglers travelled from across the UK to compete in the contest hoping to catch hundreds of squid measuring up to 2ft in length.

But strong winds and a murky sea turned the sea creatures into unusually slippery customers, resulted in a dismal catch.

Last year’s champion Davide Thambiturai was the only squidder to land a thing and the teeny creature was named Kraken after the mythical sea monster.

Despite winning with a squid measuring 60cms less than year’s winner, Davide said he felt “honoured but lucky”.