GREATER Manchester Police deal with more burglaries than any other force in the UK outside of London.

Data collected by officers in September shows that there were 2,450 burglaries across the region - over 80 every day - and police have warned that the problem could continue to get worse.

Only West Midlands Police reported a similar number of burglaries, around 2,379, while the next force on the list, West Yorkshire, dealt with nearly 500 fewer incidents and Lancashire Constabulary, which covers Blackpool, Preston and Blackburn, reported more than 1,000 fewer.

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Now, a senior Bolton officer has warned that properties could be “particularly vulnerable” at this time of year as criminals attempt to prey on darkened homes.

This week an estate agent’s office in Over Hulton was targeted, with burglars smashing in windows and stealing around £4,000 worth of goods.

Clint Hibbert, the owner of Harrisons Estate Agents, said the incident had left him “extremely frustrated” and that he was looking at putting new security systems in place at the Newbrook Road premises.

“We were left cleaning up glass, repairing windows and doors and we have had to repair another window where they tried to break their way in,” he said.

“It’s so frustrating, to be honest if they had just knocked on the door and said we are going to break in I feel like I would have just given them a couple of hundred pounds just to go away. It’s just not nice to be targeted, it’s not nice for staff knowing that people have been rooting through their drawers.”

He said the security measures were likely to cost at least another £1,000, while repairs to the window broken by the burglars cost £800.

He added: “We’re going to have to up security, I’m not getting shutters because I don’t want to let people like that win but we’re looking at sensors so that will tell us as soon as anyone tampers with windows or doors.”


A teenage girl who woke up face-to-face with a thief in her home in Kearsley said her two younger sisters had moved in with her father in Chorley because they were so shaken up by the burglary.

Katy Harrison was aged 19 when she fell asleep in her living room in August last year, only to wake to find a man in the room that had broken into her home, on Cemetery Road.

The man, who is believed to have had an accomplice, stole a laptop and mobile phone.

She said: “I woke up from the cold. When I woke up he was in my face. So, I shouted and ran after him.”

Yesterday, Inspector Karen Clappison, hub commander for Bolton ,warned homeowners to prepare for the dark winter months, during which properties can be targeted.

“At this time of year, homes can become particularly vulnerable because when residents go out they leave their homes in darkness,” she said. “Therefore it is important that people set light timers or leave lights on when they can to give the impression that someone is at home.

“Across Bolton, our neighbourhood team including plain clothes officers, are out and about throughout this month speaking to known burglary offenders, and are also encouraging residents to take precautionary measures such as shutting their curtains and using light timers where possible.

“Around 60% of burglaries are as a result of homes being insecure therefore we are keen to remind residents to lock their doors and windows, and set alarms if they have one.

“We would also encourage people to work together within their communities, along their street or within their block. Bolton has a number of Neighbourhood Watch schemes in different locations which are fantastic, but you don’t have to have an established group in place to simply look out for each other, in a neighbourly way.


The majority of burglary hotspots in Bolton are located around the town centre.

Data collected by GMP shows that Ridgeway Gates, close to McDonald’s, is the area with the most burglary incidents in the last year.

The data uses a ‘pin-drop’ system, meaning the incidents may not have occurred on the specific street in question but are listed based on crimes nearby.

The main hotspots are:

  • Ridgeway Gates- 15
  • Allsopp Street- 11
  • Goodwin Street- 11
  • Manchester Road- 11
  • Park road- 11
  • Gorton Street- 10
  • Higher Market Street- 10
  • Livesy Court- 10
  • Market Street -10

Anyone who is the victim of a burglary is asked to contacted the police as soon as possible using 101 or the Live Chat feature on

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