More tributes have appeared for killed teenager Reece Tansey as a police cordon around the scene of the crime has been lifted.

Flowers and balloons with messages to Reece have appeared outside a house in Newport Street, Great Lever, where a police cordon had been in place for the last two days.

The flowers have since been tied to the garden fence of the house, and placed in bags with water, by resident Yvonne Davis.

She said it was the least she could do after seeing devastated friends and family placing the flowers and balloons at the edge of the cordon.

She told The Bolton News: "Friends and some family came round yesterday afternoon to put flowers and balloons on the edge of the police cordon.

"I said they could put them in front of the house but I just knew the flowers wouldn't last long in this weather.

"I saw devastated friends in tears who had obviously put lots of effort into writing notes and buying flowers themselves. I spoke with some of the family too who were really lovely.

"I just went out late last night with a little bucket and put them in the bags with water to make sure they stay nice for as long as possible.

"I made sure to put the notes in with the right flowers too and kept the candle lit.

"The balloons had gone a bit flat with the rain last night too so I gave them a wipe this morning which has got them floating high again.

"I've told the family and the friends who came with flowers they can put up as many as they like.

"I've got a daughter the same age, I just feel so bad for the friends, 15 is no age to die no matter who you are."

Police were called to Walker Avenue around 4.43am on May 4 to reports of a stabbing with the 15-year-old taken to hospital where he died.

Reece is said to have knocked on neighbours doors for help who rang the emergency services.

Messages from family and friends have been left with flowers and balloons at the house in Newport Street.

The Bolton News: Tributes to Reece Tansey outside a house in Newport Street, Bolton

One said "to a great uncle rest in peace", with another saying "we will always remember you mate".

A family member of Reece, Jordan Coghiel, paid tribute to him at a press conference yesterday, saying: "We are all broken at the moment. He was such a loving guy who spent most of his time at home or with his grandparents.

"Reece was never in any gangs or anything, there's no reason why this should have happened to him.

"His mum’s head is all over the place at the moment. You can't put it into words.

"He had a little brother too, all the family were really close.

"We just want people to remember Reece as he was."