A Bolton MP has raised concerns that the four week delay to easing coronavirus restrictions may not be the final one.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday evening that lockdown measures would not be eased on June 21 as originally planned, instead being delayed until July 19.

This is due to the spike in coronavirus cases across the country over the past few weeks which has been blamed on the Delta variant first discovered in India.

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Bolton’s infection rate has started to come down over recent weeks despite the rise in cases across the rest of the country.

Bolton West MP Chris Green has been calling for all coronavirus lockdown measures to be dropped over recent months, a plea which he reiterated with a number of other Conservative MPs at a debate around extending the measures in parliament tonight.

The Bolton News: Chris Green, MP for Bolton WestChris Green, MP for Bolton West

He posted a video on his Facebook page yesterday, saying: “The anticipated unwinding of lockdown restrictions hasn’t happened. The government has come to a position of saying we’re uncertain about the Indian variant but now what they want to do is ensure every single adult of 18 or over has an option of having their first vaccination then there is a hope that on July 19 we will fully unwind.

“My fear is that, as the health secretary has said, the first vaccine isn’t effective and we need the second vaccination. If we go down that route, and I suspect we will, that will take us into mid to late September.

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“There is also a possibility that children transmit coronavirus more efficiently and more effectively than adults do, I suspect we may go down the route of child vaccinations which takes us into the winter and normal respiratory virus season.

The Bolton News: The health secretary, Matt HancockThe health secretary, Matt Hancock

“I think we are not coming out of lockdown anytime soon and we get to the winter and it will be tightened up.”

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Speaking in parliament tonight before MPs voted to approve the delay to lockdown restrictions to July 19, Mr Green said: “When the Prime Minister refers to a terminus I fear he doesn’t mean the end, I fear he’s thinking more of a bus terminus where we end one journey to start another and there will be another vehicle to impose another lockdown extension.”