Organisation Bolton Manbassadors is working with men across Bolton to reduce the stigma of mental health.

Throughout Mental Health Awareness Week, the Bolton Manbassadors held “roadshows” at various community gathering places and areas in Bolton to spread awareness of their campaign.

Adam Warbrick is the founder of Bolton Manbassadors, which aims to grow a network of borough businesses to act as men’s mental health advocates across Bolton and to support men in accessing the support they require on issues that impact their mental health.

Adam, who works as a community developer for Bolton at Home, set up the project in an effort to reduce stigma around men’s mental health.

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Adam said: “One guy we spoke to, he told us how he used to do a lot of fly fishing but isn’t getting out of the house anymore.

“It was obvious that he needed to do something, so I explained a few options in the area and I think it made a difference.”

Kelly Reynolds who is volunteering with the organisation added: “You can see after chatting to us, they walk away with a bounce in their step.”

If you’d like to get in touch with Manbassadors, email them at: