A GRANDMA who started selling her homecooked food from her house has moved into new premises to open her bistro cafe.

And customers are flocking to the aptly named Grandma's Kitchen on Piggot Street, Farnworth.

On Monday, it's official opening,  the cafe was full of customers eager to try the breakfast menu at 7am.

Owner and grandma, Marion Love, said she spent all morning rushed off her feet in the back, cooking for everyone -  but the 50-year-old said she loved it.

Her café was supposed to open at the start of the year.

The Bolton News: Grandma's Kitchen is finally open in BoltonGrandma's Kitchen is finally open in Bolton

She said: “We had loads of setbacks, but we are here now.

“We just had so many things like the windows taking time as nothing was available at the time from suppliers.

“The seats were meant to be green but they didn’t have them so we had to go with black, but we think it looks better.”

The bistro-style café breakfast menu includes s, with eggs benedict, full English breakfasts, savouries and breakfast burritos on the menu.

Bolton's latest cafe sells homemade food by grandma

Marion said: “Our first day was  hecic, none of us had breakfast or lunch, and we’ve been up since 6’oclock this morning.

“I’m mostly cooking at the back so I don’t get to see everyone as much but when I popped my head round I saw so many people here, that I think we will need more tables.

“It’s been amazing though and now we just need to adjust to everything and see how it goes."

The Bolton News: Grandma's Kitchen is finally open in Bolton.Grandma's Kitchen is finally open in Bolton.

Since the original launch date, Marion has added two new items to the menu, an Italian sandwich and a Korean brioche bun with chicken.

She said: “Today, people really wanted breakfast, that was the most popular thing with people ordering full English breakfasts.

“And before this I was still cooking here and selling set lunches and doing cookie pies for birthdays, which I will do.”

While coming up with a name for the diner, Marion drew on her experiences cooking with her six-year-old granddaughter, Soraya Love after the pair often made pizzas together in ‘grandma’s kitchen.’

Marion started an Instagram food blog in 2017, where she would regularly post recipes for meals and savouries before deciding to start selling her food in 2020.

During the pandemic she would bake for others from her Farnworth home, and when people started travelling from as far as Newcastle to try her food, Marion realised that she needed new premises.

Grandma’s Kitchen has already more than  40,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook - that was before the new cafe bistro opened.