A petrol station which cut fuel prices in a bid to be the cheapest in the country to give back to its customers is to drop prices even further today.

Motorists queued at Limes Service Station in Walkden two weeks ago when managers slashed the price of fuel.

The station’s prices had previously been 187.9p a litre for petrol and 194.9p a litre for diesel.

Walkden Limes Service Station: Cars queue to take advantage of prices

They had then dropped the prices to 169.9p and 185.9p for petrol and diesel, respectively.

However, the directors at the station will be reducing the prices even further today, to 159.9p for petrol and 179.9p for diesel.

The Bolton News:

Speaking on Monday, co-director Hassan Mohammed, who lives in Astley Bridge, said: “We’re lowering the price tomorrow, from 6am we’ll be making the change.

“We’ll be charging 159.9p for petrol and 179.9p for diesel.

“It made such a difference to the people, I just want to support the people more and in turn for them to support me.

“We’re going to be carrying on with those prices for a minimum of seven days and longer if we can sustain it.

“It’s been such a great project to do and the results that we’ve had have been fantastic and we’re just hoping that it goes that much further to help people.”

He continued: “Still for the Walkden community, not to say it’s not for anyone else, but to go back to my community.

“We’ve had thank you cards, we’ve had everything.”

Hassan highlighted how he manages to make money despite the low prices.

He said: “In the space of 15 days as of tomorrow morning, I’ll have dropped the petrol price by 35p and the diesel price by 20p.

“You have to reinvest the money out of your own pocket to achieve the prices. The margins are low, but the number of customers is able to make the business tick over.”