Bolton TV viewers of BBC's upcoming horror show Red Rose will recognise the majority of the settings when it airs today.

The eight-part series, which will also be aired around the world on Netflix, was filmed predominantly in the town and its surrounding areas.

The programme airs for the first time on BBC iPlayer and BBC Three on Monday, August 15.

Paul Clarkson, along with his twin brother Michael, is the show's creator.

They grew up in the town and say that it is a love letter to the borough.

Paul said: "We’ve tried to represent Bolton in all of its different characters. Both the urban side and the natural side, in terms of forest and its countryside.

The Bolton News: Red Rose crews filming in Queens ParkRed Rose crews filming in Queens Park

"There are loads of settings in Bolton and if we couldn’t find anything appropriate for filming – for example we wanted to film at a certain public toilet in Bolton but they weren’t large enough for filming, so we had to find something that was nearby, which was in Manchester.

"There’s a place we call Crompton Park, named for Samuel Crompton who’s one of the town’s heroes. The school is called Heartgrieves that they attend, but that’s based on the motto of Thornleigh – ‘as the heart grieves’.

"There are little nods to Bolton where we couldn’t get it in all over the place."

Filming took place last year, and crews were spotted in multiple places throughout Bolton.

In the town centre filming took place on Bridge Street, Churchgate, Scouts RO and Le Mans Crescent for its dramatic finale.

Crews also took shots at a a quarry near Scouts Road.

The Bolton News: Red Rose crews filming in Bolton town centreRed Rose crews filming in Bolton town centre

They also captured footage at a house on Church Road between Farnworth and Kearsley, as well as sightings at Queens Park and in Westhoughton.

Paul said: "Writers do write what they know. We draw from inspirations from real life.

"This really is a love letter to Bolton. It is partly inspired by ourselves and our friendships and our family stories, some of which we think are very important to try and highlight."

He added: "I don’t think Bolton will be prepared to see itself in the way it’s portrayed in Red Rose. It’s not been shown like this.

"It’s been portrayed in other forms of media like Alma’s Not Normal as well as Peter Kay’s work, but we brought that cinematic American energy lens to Bolton.

"I’ll be very intrigued to see how people may see the town differently when it’s done through sounds tracks, compositional music, drone footage shots going all over.

"It’s not just a scene that bypasses or done in the realms of the others."

The premiere for Red Rose took place at The Light Cinema in Bolton's Market Place on Tuesday night.