A youngster with a devastating condition, dubbed the 'suicide disease' has undergone ground-breaking treatment in America to help him walk again.

 Dillon Wilford from Sharples went from a a ‘happy, healthy, and normal 10-year-old’, before he woke up with a limp and agonising pain in his leg in November 2021.

It wasn’t until three months later in February this year, when Dillon was diagnosed with CRPS (Complex regional pain syndrome).

His family originally aimed to raise £100,000 to send Dillon to America for specialist treatment at the Spero Clinic, in Arkansas.

But they have come across the VECTTOR machine, which was £5,000 which is a lot cheaper and quicker.

The Bolton News: Dillon with his mum at the NASA space centre in TexasDillon with his mum at the NASA space centre in Texas (Image: Maddison Cresswell)

The family managed to raise enough to get him to Houston, Texas, where a doctor showed them how to use the machine for two weeks.

His sister Maddison Cresswell said: “It’s just amazing and overwhelming.

“We are amazed and speechless.

“Somebody got in touch whose grandson’s son was having a similar journey to Dillon and got treatment through this machine.

“We will stay in touch with the doctor, and if it changes or depending on Dillon’s needs at the time.

“It gave us some hope, but we wondered if it was too good to be true.

“But we had this feeling, and now every day he is getting better and walking a bit more and getting stronger.

The Bolton News: The machine has had such a huge impact on DillonThe machine has had such a huge impact on Dillon (Image: Maddison Cresswell)

“But we also know that it’s not over and we still have a way to go.”

The family have now brought the VECTTOR machine to their home, which is expected to help manage Dillon’s pain, although he will still need to continue with physio.

Maddison said: “He will need to do physio to help him walk because his body has forgotten how.

“Even though he is in remission his CRPS could still flare up and spread, but we have the machine now.

“This machine means that we don’t have to go on a waiting list, and it took two weeks rather than three months.

“We will carry on using the machine forever, and this is it now.”

“After his first day on the VECTTOR machine, Dillon was drug-free for the first time in eight months.

“Within an hour, Dr Rhodes conducted tests which diagnosed Dillon with other conditions such as PoTS and adrenal fatigue.

“By day two his circulation improved dramatically, and his adrenal fatigue was resolved.”

This has now meant that Dillon can wear socks again, wear trousers and touch his leg again, as well as being able to feel the weight of a blanket on his leg again.

After day three of using the machine Dillon managed to put his foot on the floor, after not being able to for 11 months.

Maddison added: “By this point, the miracle machine had us speechless, and happier than we could have imagined.

Viewers may find some scenes upsetting in the video below:

“Every day brought something more amazing.”

Dillon has since been able to walk some steps using a Zimmer frame, and is currently on crutches, after previously using a wheelchair.

Maddison added: “We cried happy tears over FaceTime.

“And he showed all of his supporters at home.”

Dillon’s pain is now back at 0/10, and his ‘sprit has come back’.

After being off school due to the condition, Dillon has now started high school at Thronleigh Salesian College thanks to the machine, and the use of crutches.

Maddison said: “This morning he started school and has gone in for a couple of hours.

“We didn’t expect to see this so soon.

“The school has been really good and said he can take things at his pace.

“Dillon is really happy and excited to get his life back.

“You can see the improvements made in his journey.”

His mum Melanie Wilford said: “Never did I think my boy would be starting high school today.

“I thought he would still be too sick, but thanks to you amazing lot and our amazing Dr Rhodes and Hector, the victorious VECTTOR machine, here he is.

The Bolton News: Dillon is unstoppable Dillon is unstoppable (Image: Maddison Cresswell)

“My little boy has his personality back.

“He’s a cheeky, happy, funny boy again who’s learning to walk again.

“The transformation has been phenomenal and as a family we are so grateful to each and every one of you.

“We will be continuing our fight to bring this machine to the UK and to help other children and raise as much awareness as possible.”

Maddison added: “I want to say a massive thank you to everybody who has helped, supported and donated, and been there, and who still continues to be there.

“We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help.

“We were angry that we had to fight so hard for this and that it isn’t available in the UK, and that the treatment is not advertised, known or available here.

“There are so many people suffering who don’t know about this treatment.

“People of all ages, but children living in the same hell as Dillon.

“And you know what, we’re starting to think that maybe CRPS is not so rare after all.”

The family are continuing to raise awareness, and will be keeping Dillon’s fundraiser (www.gofundme.com/f/help-dillon-get-treatment) open, until something more official is set up.

The money will help other children like Dillon to get to Texas and get a VECTTOR machine or other treatment.

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