A team of three Bolton women are delving deep into the spooky mysteries of the town this Halloween, where they plan to visit the haunted Smithills Hall.

The group known as Ghost Watchers Northwest were spooked when they visited Castle Street County Police Station in Bolton, in September, after one of the team members started physically choking.

If that wasn’t creepy enough, paranormal investigator Rebecca Smith, says they were sat where there used to be hangings.

Rebecca said: “We got some male and female voices, and we were the only ones in the building apart from the maintenance guy who was nowhere near us when saw a shadow going across.

“We asked the question ‘What’s your name?’ in a lock off camera, and it said Fred.


“From what we saw, it was really active there.

“We can go to some places that have so many apparitions and a lot of residual energy, and then some that don’t have residual energy. “

If you’re new to the paranormal world, then think of residual energy as an eery echo of what has happened playing out.

But Rebecca says there can also be a mixture of this, as well as spirits, which aren’t always the friendliest, depending on the history of the building.

Rebecca added: “When we get negative energy in some places, we don’t really mess with it though.”


Before Rebecca joined the group, she investigated Smithills Hall, where she discovered some kind of presence, which was captured on camera.

She said: “I quickly got my laser grid pen and captured the shadow on camera.       

“We are hoping to go back for Halloween in the next few weeks.”

And it’s not the only haunted place in Bolton, Rivington Castle has been said to be home to several ghosts.

Rebecca said: “Apparitions have been seen by workmen and the council early in the morning.”

Some of the other places the trio have visited, which are known to be frightening include Pigeon Tower in Rivington Terraced Gardens, and The Barlow Institute in Edgworth.

Belmont Road and Hollinshead Hall - Well House, as well as Victoria Hall and the Vaults in Bolton are also next on the list to be investigated.

Rebecca added: “We have plans to do so much more.

“Hollinshead Hall - Well House has such a creepy vibe.

“We are also trying to get into Victoria Hall.

“My mum Yvonne Moores felt that growing up that there was something there and at the Vaults too.

The Bolton News: The team doing what they do bestThe team doing what they do best (Image: Public)

“For me, I picked up quite a few things at Hall i' th' Wood as a child.”

The group came together around a year ago, although each member each brings a variety of experience in Reiki and crystals, and enhanced intuition, and clairaudience, and clairvoyance.

They capture lots of chilling EVPs, shadows, poltergeist activity, and intelligent responses when using specialist equipment.

Two of the team members have mediumship abilities, and all have completed a spiritual awareness and development course with Bolton medium Rita Hawarth.

As a team, they want to document honest real paranormal investigations and share their findings.

The group is made up of Rebecca, Yvonne, and Denise Shields.

The female paranormal investigators, investigate the North West, and have experienced some ghostly activity at Antworth Mansion in Manchester, where they heard a little boys voice.

Rebecca added: “The child said ‘I fell through the roof over there.

“And it’s been reported that a child fell from the roof there.

“We went back there and caught evidence that someone was on the stairs.”

The Bolton News: Rebecca investigating a haunted part of the North WestRebecca investigating a haunted part of the North West (Image: Public)

Rebecca Smith from Horwich says she has always been interested in the paranormal from being a young age when she saw several body apparitions.

As a child she says she was “quite fearful” of it, but when she reached 18 she started to look more into it.

She said: “I went to do a spiritual awareness course and because we have that knowledge to open ourselves up and protect ourselves it helps with the investigation.

“Sometimes the evidence that we get is unexplainable, so we try to get as much evidence as we can on camera, so we know if it’s paranormal or not.

“I think some don’t want to believe it unless they have seen it or had the experience for themselves.


 “And I think sometimes this can get a bad name and some are there for entertainment.

“They need to be clear about if it is entertainment or a real investigation.

“We like to completely answer what has happened and debunk anything.

“We question what it could be.

“It is becoming more accessible and seen more as a trend, but we investigate for people who might be a bit frightened.

“We all work really well together and it’s something we are passionate about.

“It’s a hobby and we don’t want any money from it.

“We just have a good time doing something we love.”

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