Friends and colleagues of a much-loved scrapyard worker have paid tribute to the hard-working and funny man they knew.

George Orsos was pronounced dead at his home after alarm bells rang when he failed to show up to his workplace, the Metro Scrapyard in Bolton,which is featured in hit show The Scrappers.

While his cause of death has not yet been revealed, emergency services had to break down the door to retrieve the 48-year-old’s body.

Working at the famous scrapyard for 16 years, George was described as a ‘pleasant’ man and really ‘easy-going.’

George first came to the scrapyard asking for work and after a trial, was hired by owner, Terry Walker.

The Bolton News: George OrsisGeorge Orsis (Image: George Orsis)

The team fought tirelessly to get George settlement in the UK.

Terry said: “He was hard working and a real character.

“We used to laugh because we’d give him his wage on Friday and on the Saturday he’d come in asking for a fiver.

“So we never knew what he was doing.”

George has been dressed in a fine suit from the scrappers team as they plan to say their goodbyes to him on Monday, November 21 at 11am before he is cremated at Overdale Crematorium and his ashes scattered at the scrapyard.

Terry said: “He had a hard life and that’s why he needed a job when he came to us so we gave him one and he knew that we were his family.

“When he failed to turn up to work, we knew something was wrong because he was here every day.

The Bolton News:

“We found him on the settee still in his work clothes so he hadn’t even got dressed.

“It was a real shock to all of us and we’re still shocked now.”

Natalie Wells at the scrapyard said the team were doing their best to raise money for the non-traditional funeral.

“It’s a chance for the boys to grieve as well and for us all to pay our respects and share our special memories we have had of him over the years.

“It’s a massive loss, he was a big asset to the team, and he was here for so long, he knew his job inside out and anyone who replaces his job has big boots to fill, he was a great man and we’re all going to miss him.”

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Anyone can attend the funeral at Metro Salvage in Bolton.