A frustrated resident and local business owner has called for action after she says that parking around Canon Slade School at the start and end off the day has become “too dangerous” with motorists branded as “irresponsible”.

Janet Taylor who lives near the school says that cars often park directly opposite the exit to the school, across from the school crossing, which blocks the path for children crossing to the other side of the road.

She also says that this means that children have to walk around cars sometimes to cross safely and that buses are also restricted when trying to leave and enter the school.

And as a parent and grandma herself, she is particularly concerned for the safety of the children.

Janet said: “Every month there is an accident and it’s just an accident waiting to happen.

“The crossing lady puts her life at risk every day she steps out there.

The Bolton News: At the exit near the crossing on the busy Bradshaw BrowAt the exit near the crossing on the busy Bradshaw Brow (Image: Newsquest)

“There is nowhere safe to cross.

“Children are having to walk around the crossing lady.

“The drivers are totally unaware of their surroundings and the hazards on the road. “

She is keen for parking restrictions to be changed from 4pm to 3pm and for parents to park down side roads instead to prevent potential accidents from happening.

Janet has since set up a petition, which has gained some support in the community.

She added: “It would be very sad if a child gets killed or injured, but my fear is that it will be a child that is hurt and not a vehicle collision next time.

“I have campaigned for four years, and no one has listened.

“I feel I have a duty of care report it even though they are not my children.”

Janet also explained that some days are much busier than others and that it can vary day to day.

The Bolton News: The crossing near the school exitThe crossing near the school exit (Image: Newsquest)

A parent who was collecting his child said it gets really busy sometimes and that it is "an accident waiting to happen".

A spokesperson for Canon Slade School said: "As a school of over 1750 students, we ensure a supervised and phased exit of our students at the end of the school day to ensure their safety. 

"We also remind our families to park considerately when dropping and collecting their children from school. 

"We do not have any jurisdiction over the public roads surrounding our site and advise the reporting of any issues to the highways agency and the police."

Janet has praised Bolton School for their method of dealing with parents parking irresponsibly by imposing sanctions on the pupils but has called for steps to be taken by Canon Slade or the council.

Cllr Nadim Muslim says he is aware of the issue and that the Traffic Regulation Orders are currently being reviewed across the ward.

He added: “At one of our regular meetings, my ward colleagues and I discussed the concerns and we are happy to look into them. "We completely understand the issue and the impact that this has on residents but also the safety of local school children when parks are parked in a inconsiderate fashion. 

“We are already in the process of reviewing Traffic Regulation Orders across Bromley Cross and hope that this can form a part of that, ensuring it’s dealt with swiftly.”

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